How Do I Know if My Job is Stable?

Nobody ever wants to be fired; however, in today’s uncertain economy, layoffs across multiple industries have become exceedingly common. As a professional, it’s helpful to seek jobs that come with increased security and stability. Being familiar with some of the warning signs that your job might be in jeopardy can be very helpful in preparing for future employment. Here are some signs your job may be at risk:


1) You’re given fewer assignments or responsibilities.

Though there may not always be abundant work on any given day, you should be given opportunities to make meaningful contributions in your workplace. If you’re given fewer tasks than normal – or are entirely left out of larger projects or assignments – this could very well indicate that you will be demoted or that your role could be eliminated. Rather than sitting back and hoping things turn around, taking action and looking for a new job is far better.


2) You’re continually receiving poor feedback.

If you’ve received negative performance reviews regularly, this is a significant sign that you may be on borrowed time with your employer. While performance reviews are meant to provide constructive criticism, they should reflect your strengths and weaknesses. If you have worked to improve your skills and abilities but are still short in your evaluations, it’s safe to assume your job could be at risk.


3) You work in an at-risk industry.

Unfortunately, some industries are less stable than others. Some positions at risk of layoffs include jobs in technology, marketing, and professional services. If employed in an at-risk industry, you may want to consider transitioning to a more in-demand field. Currently, some of the most secure jobs in the U.S. include manufacturing, engineering, and administration positions – all industries in which BOS Staffing helps candidates find high-paying jobs!


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