Best Practices to Advance Your Legal Career

If you’re a driven legal professional, you’re probably focused on advancement opportunities that will accelerate your career and earning potential. By establishing a professional development plan, you can strategically advance your legal career and set the stage for future long-term success. Here are some steps you can start taking today to make meaningful career advancements in the legal field:


1) Find a mentor in the legal profession.

Building a relationship with a mentor can be one of the most impactful ways to gain valuable feedback and insight into your career progress. A mentor can be anybody you’ve gotten to know personally or professionally within the legal field, such as a college instructor, boss, or coworker. A legal mentor can provide helpful guidance and support, educating you about various facets of the legal industry – job prospects, career path options, salaries, and benefits. Mentors can also help you navigate career changes, such as finding a new job or transitioning into a different area of law.


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2) Cultivate a strong network of contacts.

In addition to your qualifications and credentials, your network can be a major driver for career development. It’s essential to prioritize networking in establishing connections with professionals at various law firms who may serve as potential references for future employment. In addition to general networking within your community (such as happy hour events or coffee gatherings), attending legal industry conferences and seminars can be a great way to expand your network and learn about job openings.


3) Define your career goals.

Every professional has a different idea of career success, which is why it’s so important to define your specific goals. Whether you’re new to the field or have several years of experience, engaging in some honest self-reflection and considering what you’re hoping to get out of your career is helpful. For example, suppose you’re unhappy working in a traditional law firm setting. In that case, you may explore an alternative legal career, such as in-house counsel for a corporation or a government position.

Learn more about this career advancement step in our Complete Guide to Career Goal Setting.


With these tips, you can advance your career while enhancing your credentials and marketability in the legal industry.


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