Law Firm Recruitment Tips

If you’re tasked with hiring for a law firm, you know firsthand that recruitment and hiring can be time-consuming for many reasons. Recruiting for legal positions can be a lengthy process involving multiple rounds of interviews, background checks, and other assessments, which can be tedious and expensive. While there will always be some challenges that come along with law firm recruiting, there are steps laws firms can take to improve and speed up the hiring process. As a specialized legal staffing firm, check out some of our best law firm recruitment tips:


1) Offer relevant benefits and perks.

Gone are the days when lawyers solely care about salary and status. Attorneys of younger generations are prioritizing flexibility and work-life balance. Law firms that offer relevant benefits and perks that appeal to today’s legal workforce will most successfully recruit talent and retain staff. Some of the most sought-after benefits include flextime, telecommuting, and onsite amenities. Educating legal candidates about your firm’s benefits offerings can attract the best talent while showcasing a positive corporate culture.


2) Promote professional development.

Emerging lawyers in today’s job market are increasingly seeking firms that allow them to grow professionally and advance their careers. Promoting professional development offerings, such as mentorship programs and onsite training programs, will educate candidates about opportunities to learn from seasoned attorneys, gain valuable experience, and become a partner with the firm over time. Professional development can involve many facets, such as helping young attorneys manage their caseloads or providing training in legal software systems and technologies.


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3) Expand your talent pool.

Rather than rely strictly on traditional recruitment methods, consider newer ways to expand your talent pool and access more legal candidates. Some current recruitment methods may include tapping into the networks of existing staff, engaging with online legal industry groups and networks, and utilizing specialized recruiters to expedite hiring. From digital recruiting to employee referrals, there are many outlets for finding more qualified legal candidates and improving hiring outcomes.


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