2023 Workforce Trends: How Flexible Are Your Benefits?

With 2023 well underway, many employers are still refining their hiring and retention strategies to meet growing demands. Companies that implement flexible benefits tend to be most successful at combatting the talent shortage and attracting top talent. Failing to offer flexibility can easily be one of the greatest offenders for losing potential candidates and neglecting your current workforce. According to American Staffing Association’s 2023 Staffing Trends report, here are some of the most in-demand benefits employers can offer today:


1) Customizable hours.

Offering employees alternative options to full-time schedules and workloads – such as part-time shifts, condensed hours, or job-sharing – can help you expand your talent pool to a more significant number of candidates while providing current staff with more options that may better fit their needs. Providing alternative options (with reduced work hours and adjusted commensurate pay) can often improve the work-life balance among your staff, resulting in less turnover and improved retention of quality employees.


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2) Hybrid work environment.

While not every workplace can offer a hybrid work environment, considering some form of a hybrid work model can make a significant difference for your staff. A hybrid workplace has a mix of onsite and remote work to give employees more flexibility in their schedules. There are many noted benefits of a hybrid work environment, including better work-life balance; higher productivity and more efficient use of time; and reduced burnout. To implement a hybrid work model, you’ll need to establish a remote work policy for your organization and a technology system for employees to collaborate effectively and work as a team.


3) Flexible scheduling.

Many types of flexible scheduling policies can be offered in the workplace, such as flextime; a compressed workweek; and self-scheduling. Depending on the scope of your company’s needs, you may be able to establish a flexible scheduling policy that gives employees more autonomy in designing their work schedule around their preferences and personal commitments. When employees have more control over their days and hours worked, they’ll feel happier and more empowered to perform their best.


In today’s workforce, flexibility is arguably one of the most powerful benefits to offer employees.

If your company needs help with its staffing strategy, contact the recruiters at BOS Staffing to learn more about our proven staffing solutions.

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