Ideas for How to Recognize Your Top Employees

If you’ve invested in employee engagement at your organization, you know firsthand the importance of recognizing staff when it comes to enhancing workplace culture and elevating morale. There are many ways in which you can recognize your top employees in a way that keeps them motivated and inspired in their jobs. As you refine your employee engagement efforts in the new year, here are some effective practices for recognizing your top employees:


Emphasize growth and collaboration at the leadership level.

Workplaces thrive most when employees are encouraged to collaborate and work closely together to reach shared goals. Your leadership team can emphasize growth and collaboration by regularly communicating your organization’s mission in all company decisions. Promoting these values will lay the foundation for employees to excel in their jobs and feel better connected to their work. Over time, this translates to higher morale and inclusion of your top employees, who will appreciate their opportunities within your company.


Utilize gamification methods.

Embedding gamification methods within your culture can be a powerful way to motivate your employees to keep performing at a high level. Gamification can be executed in many forms, such as collaborative software that tracks employee progress or a set of activities or processes with game-like elements. By involving employees in an innovative system that operates like a game – and awarding them points or badges for their achievements – you’ll drive greater employee engagement while rewarding your top performers for their milestones.


Collect employee feedback.

Collecting employee feedback at the end of every year (and throughout the year) can be integral to adjusting your recognition initiatives and showing employees you value their individual talents. By generating feedback – either in the form of surveys, one-on-one meetings, or group sessions – you can hear from employees directly about their positive or negative experiences. The key is creating an environment that allows for open and honest communication so your staff can express themselves.


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