How to Make a Good First Impression During an Interview

Do you have new job interviews on the horizon? In many ways, your first impression during an interview can set the stage for your entire interview performance. No matter how seasoned you are in the interview process, there’s usually room for improvement. Here are three key tips for how to make a good first impression during an interview:


Focus on your body language.

In addition to what you say during an interview, how you say something is equally important. Exhibiting positive body language complements your interview responses and is a major part of your communication. For example, sitting up straight, making direct eye contact, and offering a firm handshake are all essential components of effective non-verbal communication.


Demonstrate authenticity.

While you’ll likely be a little nervous during your interview, you should still try to present your most authentic self to the hiring manager. Demonstrating authenticity will help make you a memorable candidate with a genuine interest in the opportunity. By being yourself and answering questions honestly, you’ll also show transparency in your interview responses, reflecting positively on you as a candidate.


Ask your own questions.

It’s always important to ask your own questions either during or after the interview. Asking questions shows you take the job seriously and want to learn as much as possible about whether the opportunity fits your qualifications, personality, and career goals. By taking the initiative to inquire about the employer and get as many details as possible, you’ll position yourself as a candidate who truly cares about their professional future.


With these tips, you can put your best foot forward during interviews – ultimately making a good impression that will result in a new job in no time!


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