Three Reasons Why December is the Best Time to Get Hired

Are you considering taking a break from your job search with the holidays upon us? Not so fast! While you may be tempted to pump the breaks on your career growth, December is one of the best times to get hired! Here are three reasons why this month is the best time of year to increase your job prospects and ultimately land a new job:


Less competition

Because so many people take time off from their job search during the holidays, you’ll naturally have less competition in landing interviews. By proactively applying to jobs and promoting your qualifications, you can stand out from others in the talent pool and demonstrate a strong commitment to securing new employment. In addition to gaining more traction from employers, you’ll likely get more attention from recruiters. Because recruiters receive less interest from candidates during December, they’ll have more time to spend working with you on your job search and your resume, cover letters, and other application materials.


More opportunities to network

The holidays often come a slew of celebrations, parties, and social gatherings, which present wonderful opportunities to meet new people and reconnect with friends and family. You can use these events to network with others and discuss your career goals strategically. Chances are you’ll run into someone who may offer some helpful advice or information about a job lead. From building more relationships to generating more job prospects, the holiday season presents prime networking opportunities.


Increased job opportunities

As many employers plan their staffing needs for the new year, they typically establish more job openings every December. Companies also tend to have money left over in their yearly budget to use toward new staff. Because of this influx of new jobs, you’ll have more potential opportunities at your disposal.


Are you ready to keep your job search moving forward?

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