Make Progress on Your Career Goals Before the Year’s End

As 2022 wraps up, you might wonder where the past year went! If you’ve been busy building your career and investing in yourself, the time can certainly fly by. However, taking some time to think about your progress from the past year and make a plan for 2023 is essential for continued professional growth. Here are some tips for how to strategically make progress on your career goals before the year’s end:


Stop and reflect.

Before the last few weeks of the year take hold, take a minute to stop and reflect on what you’ve accomplished over the past 11 months. It’s best to think specifically about what goals you’ve achieved – and what goals you still want to reach. You can use the holiday time to refine your career goals and formulate a strategy for the new year. From your performance to new skills or knowledge acquired, there are many factors to consider when reflecting on your career growth.


Identify strengths and weaknesses.

During the reflection progress, you’ll inherently come across the strengths you’ve demonstrated over the past year as well as areas of weaknesses. Thinking about your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to formulate a plan that helps you further leverage your strong suits while improving upon what you’re lacking. From there, you can establish a set of key goals and objectives that allow you to achieve more traction in your career.


Connect with a mentor.

If it’s been months since you’ve connected with a mentor and discussed your career, the end of the year presents a great time to seek guidance and advice for your future. Consider reaching out to a former boss, colleague, or industry friend during the holiday season for lunch or a cup of coffee. Sharing your progress and having an honest conversation with someone you trust can help you redefine your career path and hold you accountable for your goals moving forward.


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