How to Professionally Answer “What Did You Dislike About Your Job?”

Have you ever been asked by an employer about what you may have disliked about a former job? Many interviewees are thrown off by this question, not expecting to be asked about potentially negative work experiences from their past. Preparing for how to answer this question will help you present yourself in the best light possible without becoming flustered or derailed in your interview responses. Here are some tips for addressing this question:


Stay positive.

Even when you feel like bashing a former employer, making derogatory remarks will only result in your interview taking a negative turn for the worst. When in doubt, always maintain positivity when discussing prior work experiences. Often a “glass half full” approach is best in which you can focus your responses on what you learned from the job or the types of skills or insights you gained from the experience. Staying positive will also demonstrate to the employer that you have a good attitude toward your work and a work ethic that surpasses any negativity you may encounter along the way.


Keep your response brief.

Though you may feel compelled to elaborate on your former employer, it’s far better to keep your response as brief as possible. By sticking to your skills and relevant experience, you can effectively discuss your qualifications for the role without detracting too much from your background. Before answering, take a minute to gather your thoughts so you can respond clearly and articulately. It’s much better to organize your answer rather than ramble and say something you may regret.


Highlight your growth.

Using a question about a former job presents an ideal opportunity to highlight your growth and how you strive to utilize your talents in the workforce. You can discuss some of the skills you’ve developed over the years, as well as how you’ve learned and grown from previous employment experience. You can also share how you’ve overcome challenges and how you would apply your newly acquired knowledge and experience to a new job.


By putting these tips into action, you’ll be able to tackle this difficult question with ease and confidence while rocking your interviews!


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