How to Measure a Job Candidate’s Integrity

Have you been struggling to find top-notch candidates lately? A candidate’s integrity can speak volumes of their character and ability to perform at a high level within your workplace. However, measuring a candidate’s integrity is often easier said than done. Here are some of the best ways to gauge integrity during the interview process:


Clarify any resume gaps.

If a candidate has any noticeable gaps on their resume, it’s best to have these clarified right away. By giving the candidate an opportunity to discuss their resumes, such as an employment gap or relocation, you’ll learn more about their background and the reasons behind their career choices. This is an important step, as it’s not fair to assume a candidate left a job for unfavorable reasons (such as a conflict with their boss). Getting the “big picture” of a candidate is necessary before jumping to conclusions about their integrity.


Ask scenario questions.

Asking candidates at least a couple of open-ended scenario questions can be one of the most effective ways to assess their integrity. These questions ideally should involve asking about how a candidate would handle a challenging or awkward situation in the workplace or how they’d approach an interpersonal conflict of a sensitive nature. The way in which a candidate responds to these hypothetical questions can shed light on the level of morale they’d bring to your workplace.


Contact references.

Sometimes the best way to truly learn about a candidate’s integrity is to speak with others who’ve worked with them directly. Speaking with at least one or two professional references will allow you to hear firsthand from a candidate’s former boss or coworkers about how they interact with others in a work environment. By getting insight from those who’ve had direct experiences with the candidate, you’ll get a better sense of the candidate’s personality, character, and interpersonal abilities.


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