How Has The Great Resignation Impacted The Atlanta Job Market?

In Atlanta, as in the rest of the country, people are quitting their jobs – often without having another position lined up – a move traditionally seen as bad news for your career. Millions of people are part of The Great Resignation, the pandemic-driven employment trend. Some of those who quit have changed professions – healthcare and hospitality have been hit especially hard. Those who have stayed are expecting more from their employers, such as higher pay, more flexibility or better benefits. The pandemic took a serious physical and emotional toll on employees. Leading many to wonder if they are in the right job or even the right field. 


How To Get What You Want From Employers in Atlanta

Where does that leave you as a job seeker or an employed person considering your options? First of all, keep in mind that the current market conditions favoring workers are not likely to last forever. Now is the time to decide what you want from your career and take action to get it. It’s important to demonstrate to employers why they should hire you. The talent market is tough right now, but employers value their business and know they will only hurt themselves in the long run by putting “warm bodies” into positions rather than qualified candidates. Get what you want from employers by giving them what they want.  


What Do Employers Want Most?

Employers want people with the skills and experience the position requires and who fit well with the company culture. They want people who will learn fast, be reliable and make a positive impact on the organization. 


What Does Company Culture Mean?

For lack of a better word, it’s the company’s “vibe.” You would probably recognize it from jobs you’ve worked before. For example, to fit the company culture of a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s, you will do well if you move fast, clean as you go and can handle difficult customers with a smile. Fitting the company culture is good for both you and the employers. If you got a job with the Atlanta Falcons but hate football, either your attitude would shine through, or it would take a lot of work for you to “fake it.” You would be giving yourself extra stress you don’t need. Why not leave that job for a Falcons fan? What you find annoying could be part of their dream job. Maybe you would be happier at Delta Airlines if you love to travel or Turner Broadcasting if you are a news junkie. In a perfect world, you’ll love your job, and your employer will love to have you there. If you live in the Atlanta area, you know it’s a large and varied city with many different kinds of companies and organizations.  


How To Get The Job You Want In Atlanta

It all starts with your resume. You want to appear qualified when an employer reviews your experience, but you also want to stand out. Recruiters/hiring managers look at resumes for an average of about six seconds, so you need to grab their attention fast. The best way to do that is to personalize it to each opportunity. That’s not as hard as it sounds.  


Make a Template

Create a baseline resume that details your experience in reverse chronological order. It should fit on one sheet – at least for the first ten years of your career. There are other exceptions, such as specific fields or positions, but if you need a seven-page curriculum vitae, you probably already know that.  


Adapt To The Employer

Customizing your resume doesn’t have to be difficult. The information doesn’t change; the way you present it does. One of the best ways to do this is by using the section where some people write their objectives. An objective on a resume is considered by many to be obsolete. At the very least, it doesn’t contribute anything of value to the employer. Use that section instead to list relevant skills in a bullet format.  


Include Relevant Keywords

Mirror the words the employer uses in the job description as much as you can. Don’t be dishonest or misleading, but every company has its own way of expressing or describing things. For example, if your job title was “Director of First Impressions,” It’s fine to list your job as “receptionist” if that’s what the new employer is calling it.  


Use Action Words

Be sure all your latest achievements are included and sound as impressive as they are. Saying “responsible for” doesn’t mean you achieved it. “Consistently overachieved sales targets by 30%” is more powerful than “responsible for sales in DeKalb County.” 


Reframe Your Skills

If you are one of the many Atlantans who left their job to change fields or find a better fit, here are some ideas on how to achieve that. Start by brainstorming what all your skills are and what fields they may be compatible with. For example, if you are a teacher ready for something new, you may find you have the skills to become a corporate trainer. If you are a software sales professional looking for less pressure and a slower pace, you may have what it takes to be a technical writer. If you’re feeling burned out in your nurse job, travel nursing may be just the ticket to get out of your rut and start loving your job again.  


Consider Remote Jobs

Nurses aren’t the only ones who can add some interest in adventure to their careers with travel. If you are fully remote, you might be able to move someplace more appealing. For you, that could mean moving out of the city to a rural setting, or moving to another state or even country. This kind of flexibility isn’t available in every remote job, but it’s worth exploring if it’s important to you. 


How To Negotiate

Know your worth. Are your skills in demand? What are employers paying for them in your area? If you want more than what the employer is offering, be prepared to say why your skills and experience warrant more. Consider all factors. When comparing two offers, remember that the longer commute may cancel out the advantages of a higher salary either financially or because of stress and inconvenience. Working for a strong, enlightened leader rather than a micro-manager can dramatically increase the quality of your professional life. Better benefits or remote work can give you better work-life balance even if your salary isn’t any higher. 


Let BOS Staffing Help You Find Your Right Fit!


Will The Post-Pandemic Economy Slow The Great Resignation?

There are indicators that The Great Resignation is slowing. While in the past couple of years, there have been plenty of jobs to choose from, you don’t want to be the one left standing when the music stops. One factor that may have skewed the numbers on worker attrition is employees remaining in their jobs through the toughest part of the pandemic. People who would normally have been ready to move on did not. Because they were uncertain about what was next, they stayed with the one stable factor in their lives – their jobs. Once they saw things returning to normal, they were ready to give the job market a try. 


Is the Grass Really Greener?

For many employees, the answer is no. In a survey of 2,500 workers conducted by The Muse, 72% of respondents reported finding the new position or company ended up being “very different” from what they expected. Many regretted making the change. Consider your decision carefully before making your move.  


Should You Give Your Employer a Second Chance?

Some companies saw the writing on the wall and made efforts toward giving employees what they want. They increased pay, added bonuses, offered remote work and reevaluated their benefits and culture. If your company is one of them, sticking around may be the best idea. If your company was unresponsive to the sea change in employment culture, you might want to look for a job with an employer who is more responsive to employee retention. Economic and employment trends are, by their nature, cyclical. Don’t wait too long to land the job you’ll want to stay in for the long term.  


Where Are The Jobs In Atlanta?

Unemployment is low in Atlanta – lower than it is nationwide. In Georgia, the unemployment rate was 2.9% in June 2022, while the total U.S. rate was 3.6%.  

According to the Georgia Department of Labor, The sectors with the most over-the-year job gains included: 

  • Administrative and Support Services 
  • Accommodation and Food Services 
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 
  • Transportation and Warehousing 
  • Health Care and Social Assistance 
  • Retail Trade 


Looking For a Job In Atlanta?

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