What are Job Seekers Looking For?

After a tumultuous year and a half, employee demands are changing. So, what are job seekers looking for in today’s market? Here are five trends to track if your business wants to attract top talent.

Job Seekers Are Looking For…

Flexible Working Arrangements

When the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, many workers abruptly shifted to an off-site workplace. And lots of people discovered they loved their newfound freedom. They could work wherever they wanted. They didn’t have long commutes. Plus, they could more easily arrange their hours to accommodate personal commitments. Of course, some industries can’t support flex-time or work-from-home arrangements; they need people to be physically present during given hours. However, even structured work environments can offer their employees some wiggle room. Possible alternatives may include flexible start/end times or compressed workweeks.

A Job with Meaning

Faced with lockdowns as well as potential unemployment and illness, many people re-evaluated their situations during the COVID crisis. They asked questions such as, “What am I doing with my life?” As a result, today’s employees may be searching not for a job but rather a calling. Therefore, businesses should focus on why their organization and their employees make the world a better place. This could be through innovative products, social programs, and/or sustainability efforts.

Professional Development Opportunities

Many workers are worried the pandemic stunted their career growth. After all, while spending months at home, they may have missed out on on-the-job training, in-house seminars, conferences, and more. Even before 2021, strong professional development programs were a smart way to attract and retain top talent. Recent events have accelerated this trend.

Diversity & Inclusion

The social protests of 2020 remained people that we should all live and work in a more equitable world. Thus, today’s employees are interested in companies that not only talk about but also truly embrace diversity, inclusion and belonging. Now is a perfect time for all organizations to actively promote diverse hiring processes and build an inclusive workplace.

Wellness Benefits

Comprehensive health insurance has been a desirable perk for a long time. Yet, as many people struggled with mental health during the pandemic, they realized basic health care wasn’t enough. To address these concerns companies, including Amazon, began to introduce mental health and wellness initiatives. These programs may provide services such as free one-on-one counseling sessions, 24/7 phone support, and/or easy access to self-care programs.


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