Looking for Jobs in Georgia? Consider These Fastest Growing Jobs by Education Level!

Finding the right job can be tough. You may have an idea of what you want to do. But do you have the right qualifications? And is that job in high demand? Luckily, we can help! Here’s an overview of the fastest growing jobs in Georgia listed by education level.

The Fastest Growing Jobs in Georgia by Education Level

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Accountants
    While a bachelor’s degree in accounting is preferred, some people become accountants without completing college. Earning various accounting certifications can improve both pay rates and job opportunities. The median pay ranges from $34.40 to $19.82 per hour.
  • Loan Officers
    Usually, loan officers need a bachelor’s degree as well as some on-the-job training. They are employed by commercial banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions. The median pay is $30.42 per hour
  • Sales Managers
    Sales managers direct teams, so they must be able to set goals, analyze data, and coordinate training. Most sales managers have a bachelor’s degree plus experience working as a sales representative. Some positions require travel. The median pay is $60.89 per hour.

Associate Degree

Technical Training

  • Computer Support Specialist
    Because of the wide range of necessary skills, there are lots of ways to become a computer support specialist. Educational requirements may range from a bachelor’s degree to a postsecondary class or even on-the-job training. Since many companies offer 24-hour support, computer support specialists often work evenings and weekends. The media pay is $26.33 per hour.
  • Machine Operators or Machinists
    Machinists set up, operate and maintain machines usually in manufacturing settings. They learn their trade through apprenticeship programs, vocational schools or community colleges. The median pay is $21.99 per hour.

High School Diploma or Equivalent

  • Grounds or Facilities Maintenance Workers
    Grounds maintenance workers help to take care of buildings, campuses, and parks. While some jobs are seasonal, many last year-round. Most positions don’t require a degree or certification. However, some workers use this role to learn higher-paying trades such as plumbing, electrical, or landscaping. The median pay is $14.85 per hour.
  • Material Movers or Pickers/Packers/Loaders
    As the name suggests, material movers move, pick, pack and load materials in factories and warehouses. Although they don’t need any formal education, some material movers may pursue additional skills like operating a forklift. Since many facilities operate around the clock, weekend and overnight shifts are common. The median pay is $13.80 per hour.


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* 2019 median pay rates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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