A Hiring Manager’s Guide to 2021

Is your company looking to hire in the upcoming year? Has the COVID-19 pandemic thrown you for a bit of a loop? That’s OK. You still can navigate your staffing needs successfully. Here’s a hiring manager’s guide to 2021.

Tips for Hiring in 2021

Build Your Talent Pool

In March 2020, unemployment rates went from record low to record highs in a matter of weeks. Chances are, when your organization advertises an opening, you’ll have more applicants than you need. Don’t waste this opportunity. This is a fantastic time to build your talent pool. Stay in touch with your second, third and fourth places candidates. You may not need them now, but they could be amazing hires somewhere down the line.

Go Remote When Necessary

Between travel restrictions and ongoing lockdowns, bringing people in for on-site for interviews may not be an option. But this doesn’t have to slow down hiring. Fortunately, recent advances in video interviewing platforms have made virtual interviewing easier than ever before. Of course, this probably will seem clunky at first. However, with a little planning and preparation, you’ll be ready to introduce your new remote hiring process. You may even discover some aspects of video interviewing are more efficient and cost-effective than in-person methods.

Consider Alternatives to Full-Time Employees

Staffing fluctuations became part of the new normal in the past year. Many companies shut down, laid off employees, reopened, hired new workers and shut down again. This created a nightmare for HR professionals who had to deal with unemployment claims, rehiring and then more unemployment claims. Therefore, some businesses turned to temporary and contract workers. These individuals could help cover workloads without being added to the permanent payroll, thus giving organizations more staffing flexibility.

Use Upskilling as a Recruitment Tactic

In many ways, the Coronavirus pandemic accelerated automation. Factories learned to operate with fewer workers and restaurants installed self-service kiosks. Within a few years, these types of advancements will replace many traditional jobs.  In fact, the World Economic Forum predicts fifty-four percent of all employees will require significant upskilling by 2022. (SHRM, 2020). Consequently, smart companies will recruit individuals with a strong skill base and THEN provide ongoing training. Ultimately, this is a win/win situation for both employees and businesses. Businesses that upskill will have a talent advantage while their employees will have a built-in career path.

Work Toward Increasing Diversity

Addressing diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do but also, studies show it makes organizations more profitable. (Forbes, 2018) If your company has expanded its remote work options in recent months, recruiting a diverse team may be more practical than in the past. After all, you can expand hiring to people who don’t live locally as well as those who require more flexible scheduling.


Are You Looking for More Hiring Advice?

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