Career Goal Setting for a “New World”

In January 2020, you developed an impressive list of career goals. Then the Coronavirus pandemic hit, and everything changed. So, how do you get back on track? Use these strategies for career goal setting for a “New World.”

Tips for Setting Career Goals in a “New World”

Pivot When Necessary

Let’s say one of your 2020 goals was to present at a conference. Only the conference was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. Rather than giving up on your goal, pivot. With a little bit of creativity, you can achieve your aspirations in another way. Maybe you could present at a virtual conference? Or maybe you could publish an article in an industry trade magazine? Rather than letting roadblocks stop you, look for alternate routes.

Stay Flexible

Unfortunately, it may be a while before things go back to normal. Therefore, take uncertainly into account when setting your 2021 goals. For instance, the current situation may make it difficult to, “Complete 50-hours of on-the-job training.” However, a slightly more flexible objective, “Complete 50-hours of professional development,” gives you more wiggle room. If on-site training isn’t possible, you could take online classes or coordinate remote projects and still reach your goal.

Track Your Progress

Of course, in both the new world and the old, you should monitor your progress. Start by deciding exactly what your aspirations are. In addition, it’s beneficial to break ambitious career goals into more manageable parts. For example, to “Increase productivity by 25 percent,” you could first “Identify productivity strategies,” and then “Apply a time management app.” Once you’ve set your goals and subgoals, write them down and put them somewhere you will see them every day. This may be your bedroom mirror, your refrigerator, or the background screen on your phone. Finally, keep score. Check off completed items, assign a weekly/monthly grade or color code. (Green is on track, yellow is OK, red needs improvement.) An ongoing visual reminder will help you stay focused on your objectives AND see them through.


Are You Ready to Tackle Career Goal Setting for a “New World”?

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