Live and Learn: Reflecting on What Your Business Learned From 2020

You’ve heard it before. This year has been unprecedented. And as a business owner, you’re probably relieved to have made it through the past few months. So, what can you take away from the experience? It’s time to live and learn by reflecting on what your business learned from 2020.

Top Business Lessons from 2020

Be Flexible

The Coronavirus pandemic forced companies to endure, what would have been a year ago, an insurmountable challenge. Gyms shut down. Offices went remote. And restaurants operated at limited capacity or with take-out only. Although some organizations (understandably) buckled under the pressure, other got creative. Gyms offered Zoom classes. Office workers arranged virtual meetings. And restaurants combined online ordering with curbside pick-up. In other words, these businesses were flexible. Rather than staying stuck in the old ways, they reinvented themselves and found ways to survive against the odds.

Make the Most of Technology

Technology is changing at a breakneck speed. But unfortunately, many advancements have remained under-utilized. For example, prior to COVID-19, some people resisted team-based communication platforms in favor of email and in-person conversations. However, remote situations left everyone with fewer choices. Savvy business owners were able to quickly implement technology in a three-step approach. 1) Identify what’s available, 2) Apply what fits best and 3) Train workers to use these new systems efficiently.

Trust Your Team

Telecommuting and work from home (WFH) have been hot topics for years, but most companies hesitated to give their employees these privileges. After all, what if their workers did nothing more than sit on the couch all day? As remote work became the norm rather than the exception during stay-at-home orders, organizations made an interesting discovery. Often, their WFH teams were more productive. Because when bosses trust their employees, reliable employees return the favor by producing top-quality work.


Between lockdowns, layoffs, and business closings, employees and customers were rightfully nervous. And nervous employees aren’t focused while nervous customers search for other options. Therefore, keeping everyone in the loop proved essential to preserving an organization’s stability. Of course, no one can predict the future. Nevertheless, top leaders maintained open lines of communication with both their teams and their clients. “Here’s our current strategy. These are the options we may pursue if something changes. Either way, we’ll be in touch.”

Celebrate Success

The past year has been a trying experience. Yet hopefully, your company has something to celebrate. Maybe you brought back furloughed workers? Maybe you streamlined an outdated system? Or maybe you uncovered a new stream of revenue? Applauding those wins, no matter how small, can build morale and help organizations of all sizes tackle the upcoming year with renewed enthusiasm.


Are You Ready to Take Advantage of What Your Business Learned from 2020?

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