Yes! You Should Continue Your Job Search During the Holiday Season

You need to find a new job, but it’s such a festive time of year. Maybe you could take a month or two off? Not so fast. Here’s why you should continue your job search during the holiday season.

Reasons to Job Search During the Holiday Season

Businesses Are Still Hiring

Just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean the work stops. Sure, there are vacations and parties. However, most organizations continue running as normal throughout November and December. In fact, some companies ramp up hiring at the end of the year. After all, if business is slower than usual because of the season, HR and hiring managers have more free time. So, sorting through resumes or running interviews is less disruptive to the overall workflow. Plus, their new employees are ready to go by or before January 2nd.

Seasonal Jobs May Become Permanent

On the other hand, some organizations are busier during the holidays and add temporary workers to help cover the seasonal rush. Of course, as a temp, you could get laid off at the end of the year. But if your employer is impressed by your work, they may invite you to join their full-time team. Even if things don’t work out, you can use the experience to build your skillset and expand your network. For more tips on advancing your career through temp work, check out “The Path to Becoming a Permanent Employee.”

You’ll Have Less Competition

You weren’t the only one thinking about putting your job hunt on hold during the holidays. Many people (mistakenly) believe companies don’t hire at the end of the year. Or they have too much to do, so they delay their employment search until January. As a result, competition for jobs tends to decrease in November and December. This means you have a better chance of having your resume pulled, a better chance of getting an interview, and a better chance of landing a job. If you like the sound of those odds, start applying BEFORE the holidays are over!


Could You Use Some Help Continuing Your Job Search During the Holiday Season?

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