KPIs to Measure Productivity of a Remote Workforce

Did your employees go remote during the COVID pandemic? Are you worried they’re sitting home watching TV instead of working? Don’t simply hope for the best. Use these KPIs to measure the productivity of a remote workforce.

Top KPIs to Measure Remote Productivity

Tasks Completed

You don’t want employees waiting until the last minute, rushing through projects, and then submitting subpar products. By breaking projects down into smaller tasks, you can monitor your team’s ongoing progress. Of course, you’ll need to clearly define start, middle, and endpoints AND set due dates for each. Software platforms like Trello and Basecamp will help you organize assignments and track the amount of work getting done.

Results Achieved

In many companies, finishing an assignment and clicking a check box isn’t enough. To support the success of the business, employees must have higher-reaching goals. These may include satisfaction scores for customer service agents, the number of leads generated for salespeople, and the average number of bugs fixed for programmers. Even when your team is remote, continue to follow these traditional KPIs.

Goals Meet

In addition to the successful completion of work projects, your employees also should be setting individual goals. Maybe they’d like to tackle a stretch assignment? Maybe they’d like to improve their sales numbers by 50 percent? Or maybe they’d like to complete ten hours of professional development? Just because your workers aren’t on-site doesn’t mean you can’t have one-on-one meetings. Set up regular phone calls or video conferences to discuss and evaluate their personal objectives.

Hours Worked

If you need employees to be available at certain times, you may require them to check in virtually. However, without direct supervision, it’s possible to scam the system. In theory, someone could clock in, do a little work, walk the dog, meet a friend for a two-hour lunch, run errands, and clock out. As a result, some organizations chose to use time-tracking and/or activity-monitoring software. These programs record the amount of time online as well as mouse movements and keyboard strikes. Unfortunately, done incorrectly, this type of tracking can make your workers feel as though you don’t trust them. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly explain your strategy and apply it effectively.


Your employees could be logging fifty hours per week. But if they’re only accomplishing twenty hours of work in this time, they’ll be stressed, and your business won’t benefit. Thus, it’s important to address productivity. You may choose to assign recommended time frames to assignments and reward employees for completing them on time or early. In this case, time-tracking software could encourage individuals to use their time more effectively. For more tips on improving efficiency, check out our eBook, Get More Done: 100 Ways to Increase Productivity.


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