The 9 Essential Job Skills COVID Introduced to Your Workforce

In a few short months, the Coronavirus crisis changed the world. And for your business to remain successful, your employees must overcome the challenges presented both during and after the pandemic. Here are the 9 essential skills COVID introduced to your workforce.

  1. Adaptability and Flexibility

    Whether it was working from home, taking on additional responsibilities, or redefining procedures, your employees needed to adapt to a new normal. You’ll want to continue to cultivate this flexible mindset.

  2. Tech Savviness

    From video conferencing to cloud-based communication, your team was forced to become tech-savvy… quickly. Although some employees adjusted faster than others, anyone who was willing to experiment and learn proved to be an asset.

  3. Creativity and Innovation

    What do you do when the government tells you to uproot business as usual because of a pandemic? Creative employees were the ones who came up with innovative ideas, thus allowing your company to weather this as well as future storms.

  4. Data Literacy

    As artificial intelligence and machine learning advance, organizations are collecting more information than ever before. The most valuable employees can read, understand and reformulate this information into something useful. This skill especially proved helpful during a time when more interactions become digital and therefore easier to track.

  5. Critical Thinking

    Like it or not, there’s lots of misinformation floating around. In the COVID era and beyond, you’ll need employees who can move beyond emotion, ask intelligent questions, evaluate the facts, and make well-informed decisions.

  6. Digital and Coding Skills

    The recent shelter-in-place orders introduced everyone to a world where online purchasing becomes more common and more convenient. Platforms such as websites and apps supported these transactions. As a result, employees who could code, maintain, and run these systems became the backbone of many companies.

  7. Leadership

    Often, people associate leadership with upper-level roles. However, strong leadership skills are important at each level of an organization. Every day employees who can clearly communicate ideas and inspire others are game-changers in uncertain times.

  8. Emotional Intelligence

    Despite social distancing and a move toward online commerce, effective interpersonal interactions remain critical for companies of all sizes. Emails, video chats, phone calls and conversations from six feet away all should be well handled. Even in a virtual world, employees who can read and react to the wants and needs of others remain at the core of good business.

  9. Commitment to Lifelong Learning

    Think of everything your team had to learn in the last few months. Those who resisted caused you more work, while those who embraced the challenge pushed you forward. Certainly, in our ever-changing world, a commitment to lifelong learning is a key element to success.


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