Develop Your Skills To Remain a Strong Job Candidate

In last week’s blog post we asked, “Will technological advancements replace administrative workers?” If the answer made you nervous, don’t worry. Robots can’t do everything… yet. Here are five skills you can develop to remain a strong job candidate.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t good at Emotional Intelligence (EI). According to Kate O’Neill, author of Tech Humanist, AI can’t understand situational context, make judgment calls and generally see nuance and meaning as people do. So, at least for now, humans are better at tasks like managing, negotiating, resolving arguments and persuading.
To Do: Put yourself in situations where you can practice interpersonal skills. This may include stretch assignments at work, volunteer opportunities in your community or daily interactions with others.

Stay Organized

A computer can automate your calendar, but it can’t force you to get to the meeting on time. Strong time management and planning skills allow people to put technology to use.
To Do: Start small with what author Charles Duhigg calls keystone habits. These minor changes, such as planning out your day or making your bed every morning, lead to more positive habits. And, the overall results can turn you into a more organized and focused person.

Become a Better Communicator

You know the feeling. You call customer service with a question and you want to talk to a PERSON, not a machine. Although eventually, technology may advance, right now, humans are better at skills like listening, having conversations, public speaking and writing.
To Do: Once again, practice is the key to success. Feedback is important too. For example, ask customers to fill out a quick survey after a phone conversation, so you can discover what you are doing well and what you could work on.

Learn Something New

Technology isn’t going away. As a result, people need to figure out how to embrace, not resist, technological advances. Constantly learning new skills is one of the smartest ways for you to future-proof your career.
To Do: Ask about professional development and seek out new opportunities at work. In addition, make learning part of your daily/yearly routine by committing to reading, taking classes and/or teaching yourself new skills. Websites like Coursera, edX, and Udemy are a fantastic place to start.

Let Your Creativity Shine!

Computers can follow directions, but they struggle with thinking outside the box. Humans continue to be better at creativity. So, when your boss needs to solve a problem, come up with an innovative idea or design an eye-catching presentation, be ready to fire up your imagination.
To Do: Lifelong learning is a great first step. Also remember, it’s not necessary to relate every experience directly back to your job. Crafting, painting, sewing, baking, building, taking pictures, playing an instrument like the guitar and journaling can all get your creative juices following.


Are You Hoping to Develop Your Skills to Remain a Strong Job Candidate?

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