Will Technological Advancements Replace Administrative Workers?

You’ve heard the scary stories. Someday, robots will take over your job. But, is the future truly filled with mass unemployment? According to experts, probably not. Although automation and AI will change the job market, technological advancements are more likely to create new types of jobs than replace humans altogether.

What About Administrative Workers?

Of course, some workers are safer from technological advancements than others. For example, self-driving vehicles may replace professional drivers one day. However, at least for now, AI isn’t particularly good at authoring the next great American novel.

Administrative jobs fall somewhere in between easy and difficult for technological advancements to replace. Already, technology is automating tasks like entering data, matching invoices, generating reports, scheduling meetings and sending notifications. And, Google recently piloted a program in which digital voice assistants stood in for desk clerks at hotel lobbies.

So, what’s the good news for administrative workers? Many of the duties listed above tend to be time-consuming, repetitive and subject to error. With technological advancements, computers can complete these chores faster and with greater accuracy than humans. This creates time for people to pursue more interesting and meaningful work. Instead of spending hours mindlessly comparing invoices, an administrative worker could implement a new software program, design an eye-catching presentation or help to run the company’s social media feeds.

Top Ways Administrative Workers Can Prepare for the Future

Let’s say you’re currently working in a clerical or administrative role. What can you do to embrace, rather than fear, upcoming technological advancements? Use these tips to increase your job security.

  • Focus on Your Human Skills
    At this time, robots and AI struggle to duplicate human skills. Computers aren’t particularly good at negotiating, resolving arguments, managing or interacting with people in social settings. By developing and perfecting talents such as leadership, communication and problem solving, you will continue to bring value to any organization.
  • Be on the Lookout for New Trends
    As the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them join them.” Computers, robots and AI aren’t going anywhere. Don’t resist technology. Search for ways you can use technological advancements to do your job better.
  • Become a Lifelong Learner
    As Darrell M. West writes in his book, The Future of Work, “The idea that a person’s education stops at around 25 is no longer relevant. Technology and jobs are quickly and constantly changing…” To stay current, ask your supervisor about professional development opportunities, read books, follow influencers on social media and take advantage of low-cost online course websites like Coursera, edX, and Udemy.


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