Are You a Team Player? Let’s Find Out!

Often during interviews, someone will ask, “Are you a team player?” You probably hope so. But, how do you know for sure? Use these questions to find out.

  1. Do You Pull Your Own Weight?

    Most of us have been on a team where someone was a slacker. This person sat back and assumed everyone else would cover for them. Are you that person? Or, do complete your work plus a little bit more?
    Tips for Improvement: Make a list of your contributions to your team over the past six months. Are you doing more, as much as or less than everyone else? If you’re on the lower end of the scale, look for ways to add value.

  2. Are You Reliable?

    Team members need to trust one another. After all, if someone drops the ball, the whole group suffers. When someone asks you to do something, do you push that task to the bottom of your to-do list? Or, do you follow through?
    Tips for Improvement: Every time you receive a team assignment, give yourself a reliability score. If your grades are worse than you thought, work to build your reputation.

  3. Are You a Strong Communicator?

    For a team to be effective, individual members must understand one another. This involves both sharing your thoughts and listening to others. Do you do all the talking? Or, are your conversations a back and forth exchange?
    Tips for Improvement: Practice your skills by paying close attention when someone else is speaking. And then, repeat back what you think you heard. If you missed something, the other person will have the chance to clarify.

  4. Are You Flexible?

    Life and work can be full of obstacles and opportunities. Successful groups turn obstacles into opportunities and opportunities into innovative solutions. When you’re facing a change, do throw up your hands and start complaining. Or, do you analyze the situation and begin problem-solving?
    Tips for Improvement: Science proves human beings hate change. Recognize this, and don’t beat yourself up when your first reaction is frustration. Take a deep breath, give yourself a minute and then jump back in with a more positive attitude.

  5. Are You OK with Not Being #1?

    Although achieving superstar status sounds fantastic, research shows teams with too many top-tier employees tend to have lower performance rates. Are you most interested in your own individual success? Or, would you assist a coworker with a project even if you had to share the credit?
    Tips for Improvement: Instead of focusing on outperforming your colleagues, focus on increasing the overall performance of the team. To put this in perspective, think of work as a soccer game. Would you rather score six goals all by yourself and lose the game? Or, record three goals plus four assists and win?

Are You a Team Player Who Is Hoping to Join a Top Team?

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