What to Include in an Interview Thank You Email

Although many people skip this step, a post-interview thank you note is a fantastic way set yourself apart from the competition. But, what should you say? Here’s what to include in an interview thank you email.

  1. A Subject Line

    Hiring managers may not recognize your address, and you don’t want them to accidentally delete your message. Give your email and clear and concise title. Include the phrase “Thank You” as well as your name, the title of the position or both, for example, “Thank You – Administrative Assistant Interview”.

  2. A Greeting

    Begin your message with “Dear” or “Hello” plus the person’s name. If you interviewed with a group, plan to write a customized email to each individual. Yes. This takes time. However, it’s very impressive especially if people compare notes. If you’re not sure how to spell someone’s name, check the company’s online directory or ask the hiring manager for a list of committee members.

  3. A Thank You

    This one is obvious. Let the person know you appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the company as well as the time they took to meet with you. If someone did something extra, such as giving you a tour or taking you to lunch, mention this too.

  4. Something Unique to That Individual

    To create a different message for each person, take mental notes during the interview process. Keep track of comments and/or interactions. Maybe someone complimented your resume? Maybe they gave you a suggestion? Or, maybe the two of you discovered you have a common interest? Tying this information into your email gives it a nice personalized touch.

  5. A Mini Sales Pitch

    Interview thank you messages should be short (one to three paragraphs maximum), so don’t relist all your skills and qualifications. Instead, give a simple reminder or a quick advertisement. Talk about what you learned about the organization and why you believe you would be a good fit. Discuss a relevant skill or experience you forgot to bring up in the interview. Or, address any concerns the hiring manager may have mentioned.

  6. A Conclusion

    In your closing, you can express your ongoing interest, offer to answer additional questions and/or inquire about the next steps. Classic statements include, “I look forward to hearing from you about the next steps in the process,” and “Please let me know if there’s anything I can provide to make your hiring decision easier.”

  7. Your Signature

    Sign off with your name. (Remember, the hiring manager may not recognize your email address.) And, include a standard professional closing such as “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” or “All the best,”.

Do You Wish You Had the Chance to Write an Interview Thank You Email?

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