Are you thinking about job hunting in 2020? Did you know advances in technology are changing the landscape for job seekers? Here are four current trends that could make your search easier.

Automatic Alerts

Most job boards and employment agencies offer alert features. Rather than visiting their website every day and scrolling through postings, you can have relevant jobs sent straight to your email or phone. It’s like having your own personal job search assistant. On most platforms, you simply edit your preferences and specify items such as job title, keyword, company name and/or location. And, you can decide how often you would like to receive alerts (immediately, daily or weekly). Alerts not only save you time, but also give you an edge over the competition. With immediate alerts, you can send in an application before most people know about the opening.

Job Posting on Social Media

If you’re job hunting in 2020, be ready to look beyond the Help Wanted ads and the job boards. Most companies post openings on their websites as well as on their social media accounts. In addition, LinkedIn and Facebook offer dedicated job search features. On LinkedIn, click the briefcase icon at the top (desktop) or bottom (mobile) of the page. Then, you can search jobs, save jobs, track jobs and set alerts. On Facebook, scroll down to the briefcase icon under the Explore section. Like LinkedIn, Facebook allows you to look for jobs, set your criteria and turn on notifications.

Voice Activated Search

In the future, you may not even need to type to apply for a job. McDonald’s recently rolled out Apply Thru, a voice application for Alexa and Google Assistant. “Interested workers can say ‘Alexa, help me get a job at McDonald’s’ or ‘Ok Google, talk to McDonald’s Apply Thru.’” Apply Thru responds by asking you for basic information, letting you know about McDonald’s openings in your area, and sending you a link to their online application. McDonald’s hopes the “world’s first voice-initiated application process” will create a simpler, more convenient experience for job hunters. (CNBC, 2019)

Cognitive Assessment Tools

Some platforms allow you to show, not just tell, employers how much you know. Usually, these assessment tests are relatively short and consist of multiple-choice questions. And, they have a time limit. Although not all employers take these assessments seriously, they could make you look like a more qualified candidate. If you don’t score as well as you would like, don’t worry. Most platforms give you the option to either display or hide your results. You can learn more about LinkedIn Skill Assessments and Indeed Assessments by visiting their websites.


Are You Planning on Job Hunting in 2020?

If you live in Gainesville, Georgia or the nearby areas, the professional recruiters at BOS Staffing would be happy to help you navigate the current market and find a job you love. We offer automatic alerts to make your search faster and easier. Sign up for an account and start planning your next career move today!

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