How To Balance a Second Job

Maybe you need a little extra money to make ends meet? Maybe you are trying to increase your savings or escape debt? Or, maybe you just want some extra cash to cover your holiday spending? Whatever your reasons, trying to balance a second job can make maintaining a healthy work-life relationship more difficult. If you’re up for the challenge, here are some basic survival tips.


Recognize This Won’t Be Easy

Research shows productivity drops sharply after a 50-hour workweek. Long hours also can take a toll on your health. You probably won’t get enough sleep. And, you’re less likely to exercise or eat well. If you are planning to work a crazy schedule, be ready for the test.

Get the Support of Your Family and Friends

Since a second job is going to be tough, you will need help. Make sure your family and friends are on board. In many cases, your decision impacts them as much as you. You probably won’t see them as often, and they may need to pick up things you won’t have time to do. For example, if you work nights and you have young children, your significant other will have to handle dinner and bedtime by themselves.

Switch It Up

Often a second job can be something different and more fun. If you match your second job with an interest or hobby, it may end up not feeling like work at all. Look for opportunities offering a change of pace. If you sit in an office all day, you may enjoy stocking shelves, waiting tables or walking dogs. On the other hand, if you are on your feet for eight hours, consider something less active such as working as a driver or customer service representative.

Set Aside Non-Negotiable Me Time

Even when you are maximizing your earning potential, you still need time to rest and relax. Block out at least four to six hours of free time each week. Then, add this to your schedule so you don’t skip it. Taking the time to catch your breath keeps you happier and more productive.

Have an Exit Plan

For some people, working an extra eight to ten hours a week is no big deal. However, if you’re putting in a ridiculous amount of time or feeling stressed out, set an end date. If you’re a seasonal worker, only stay until the season is over. If you need to earn a certain amount of money, stop when you hit that number. And, if one position simply isn’t bringing in enough income, think about finding a better paying first job. What if you don’t have time to job hunt? No problem. Call your local staffing agency. Recruiters will be happy to search for best-fit opportunities while you continue to work.


Are You Ready to Balance a Second Job?

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