What Kind of Jobs Can I Find in Atlanta?

With a lower than average unemployment rate and a higher than average annual salary, Atlanta, Georgia, is a fantastic place to work. Here are a few of the best job opportunities.

Health Care

Recognized as the Center of Global Health, Atlanta houses the headquarters for renowned national and global health organizations including the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Cancer Society and the Arthritis Foundation. In addition, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta recently ranked #11 on a list of most sought-after employers in the nation. Job openings exist for both clinical and non-clinical workers such as doctors, nurses, health educators, office managers, medical billing specialists and supply technicians.


Tech workers are in high demand nationwide, and Georgia is no exception. In fact, technology is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in Atlanta. Businesses are looking for computer network architects, computer programmers, database administrators, help desk specialists, software developers and web designers.


Georgia-Pacific LLC, an American pulp and paper company, is one of the many manufacturing organizations based in Atlanta. In addition, Georgia boasts the #1 workforce training program in the United States, and Georgia Quick Start prepares many employees for technical fields. Manufacturing positions include everything from mechanics to material handlers to forklift drivers.

Media & Entertainment

Although it’s not LA, Georgia is the third largest destination for the film industry in the United States. And many of these projects are happening in metro Atlanta. Companies, like Turner Studios, Tyler Perry Studios and Pinewood Atlanta Studios, are attracting a record number of productions along with the skilled workers needed to complete them.

Administrative, Clerical and Sales

Atlanta is home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies including The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines Inc., The Home Depot and United Parcel Service (UPS). All these corporations require considerable behind-the-scenes staffing. Positions range from marketing managers to executive administrative assistants to financial analysts.


Are You Ready to Look for Work in Atlanta?

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