Understanding the Difference Between Being Bored at Work and Being Unhappy

You may have liked your job at one point, but now things aren’t going well. What’s wrong? Are you bored because the position isn’t challenging? Or are you unhappy because the position is a bad fit?

To help identify the problem, check off the sentences best describing how you feel.

____ You dread going to work, but when you leave, you generally are happy.
____ You seem to be repeating the same tasks day in and day out.
____ You probably could do your job with your eyes closed.
____ You can’t remember the last time you felt challenged.
____ You aren’t using your talents and skills.
____ You believe you have outgrown your role.
____ You seek out distractions (social media, texting) instead of doing your work.
____ You would try harder, but no one would notice.
____ You find yourself counting down the minutes until the end of the workday.

____ Thinking about work ruins your nights and weekends.
____ You can’t keep up with your workload.
____ You are experiencing the physical symptoms of stress (headaches, insomnia)
____ You are afraid if you make any mistakes you will get in trouble.
____ Your job has left you disappointed and sad.
____ You are dealing with difficult co-workers and/or a difficult boss
____ You have given up on hobbies and other interests outside of work.
____ You feel unappreciated and underpaid.
____ Your job is damaging your relationships with friends and family.

If you put more checks in the first 9 statements, you most likely are bored.
If you put more checks in the last 9 statements, you most likely are unhappy.

Of course, identifying exactly what’s wrong can be challenging. Many of the symptoms overlap. Or you could be both bored and unhappy. You may need to figure out which is the main issue.

How to Cure Boredom

Boredom is usually a sign you need to switch gears. You may be able to do this within your organization. Look for ways to stretch your talents. Ask your boss for more opportunities or volunteer for additional assignments. If despite your best efforts you can’t seem to make any headway, consider looking elsewhere. Long-term boredom will make you unhappy.

How to Cure Unhappiness

As with boredom, you may be able to remedy unhappiness within your current situation. Begin by writing down everything that bothers you. Then, identify what you might be able to fix. For example, a toxic work environment is a major problem. However, if you feel overextended, you could try asking your boss to reduce your workload. If things aren’t getting better or if you are facing obstacles beyond your control, don’t delay, launch that job search.


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