Georgia Is Ranked One of the Top States for Manufacturing Jobs – Here’s Why!

Since the Great Recession, manufacturing has added 1.1 million jobs to the U.S. economy. And they are good paying jobs. Goods-producing industries pay an average $56,799 per year while health care and education ($45,676), and leisure and hospitality ($20,879) fall short. (Forbes, 2018)

What states are leading the surge? According to Global Trade Magazine, Georgia is at the top of the list with the Atlanta region alone hosting 168,600 manufacturing jobs.

Here’s what makes Georgia a great state for manufacturing.


The Nation’s Top Training Program

Manufacturing companies must have access to skilled workers. Over 40 years ago, Georgia responded to this call by developing Georgia Quick Start. Today, Quick Start continues to set the standard for workforce development programs throughout the United States. The program has trained over one million employees in 6,500 projects including aerospace, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, advanced manufacturing, and food and beverage production. Training is job-specific, customized and flexible. Lessons may take place on-site, in mobile labs or at nearby technical colleges. As an added perk, Quick Start is a free service for qualified companies that are new to or expanding in Georgia.


A Business-Friendly Environment

Georgia has consistently earned a #1 State for Business ranking from both Site Selection and Area Development magazines. Benefits include a 5.75% corporate tax rate, low unionization and high state credit ratings. In addition, Georgia provides a variety of incentives for individual companies such as tax credits for creating jobs and/or for investing in expansion.


Trains, Planes, Automobiles and Ships

After goods leave the production line, businesses need to transport them across the country and across the world. Georgia answers with a robust railway and highway system as well as the busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Hartsfield-Jackson alone boasts 1.3 million square feet of cargo warehouse space, 100 licensed customs brokers, 200 freight forwarders and 100 trucking companies. On the coast, Savannah offers one of the busiest ports in the U.S. and largest single container terminal in North America. (Georgia USA, 2019)


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