Career Move: Moving From the Shop Floor to Management

You enjoy your manufacturing job, but you are looking for new opportunities and greater challenges. You are thinking about climbing the corporate ladder. Where should you begin?


Ask If Management Is Right for You

Many people go into management for the wrong reasons. If your top priorities include 1) earning a bigger paycheck; 2) bossing people around; or 3) enjoying an easier schedule, you need to rethink your plans. Along with perks and privilege comes lots of responsibility. Can you handle high-pressure situations where everyone is looking to you? Are you comfortable sorting out arguments? Will you be able to inspire and empower your team through good times and through bad? If you answered, “Not really” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, you may want to consider a different career move.


Keep Learning

Top managers must be experts in their field. Learn (and continue learning) as much as you can about your industry. Ask questions, enlist the help of others and be willing to admit what you don’t understand. You want to be knowledgeable but not a know-it-all. In addition, many organizations prefer to promote employees with both a technical and a business background. However, if earning a BBA or MBA isn’t for you, you may discover less formal professional development combined with experience is as valuable as a degree.


Find a Mentor

One of the best ways to learn about management is to talk to a manager. Try to find a supervisor who is willing to develop a long-term relationship with you. In a best-case scenario, this is someone within your own company, but you can look outside your organization as well. This individual should be able to tell you the ins and outs of the job, give you career advice, connect you with higher ups and, overall, make your journey easier.


Do Your Job Well

This sounds like a no brainer, but it is important. If you aren’t known for your expertise and strong work ethic, you will have a harder time moving up the ranks. Be productive, reliable, dependable, motivated, flexible, cooperative and, of course, positive. Take the initiative to learn and to grow by volunteering for extra assignments, tackling stretch projects and even creating your own opportunities.


Build Relationships

When you receive a promotion you want others to think, “Wow! He absolutely deserves this,” rather than, “He only became a manager because he’s such a kiss-up.” Your job as a supervisor will be easier if your colleagues back you, so start off on the right foot. Long before you receive any official titles, aim to be the go-to person on your team. Provide support to others, connect to your co-workers on a personal level, be a good listener and share credit for a job well done.


Are You Looking to Move up in Manufacturing?

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