Advance Your Career: Networking Within the Finance Profession

If you are a financial professional (or studying to be a financial professional) in the Atlanta area, you probably want to get to know others in your field. But, where should you begin?

Here are five Georgia-based organizations and/or local chapters to help you establish and advance your career.


Association for Financial Professionals of Atlanta (AFPA)

Mission: A nonprofit organization of financial professionals committed to supporting, promoting and improving treasury and financial operations.
Membership: Nonmembers may sign up for events and receive notifications. A regular annual membership is $299, while a group membership (for up to five people from the same company) is $249 per person.
Benefits: Ongoing events and meetings, information on preparing for the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) exam, career resources and training opportunities.


Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals (ASFIP)

Mission: A not-for-profit services organization fostering the highest level of professional ethics, standards and competence among the investment professionals of Greater Atlanta.
Membership: Offered for both professionals ($100) and students ($25). You must have two current ASFIP members serve as sponsors. The membership committee can assist with this requirement.
Benefits: Ongoing events and networking socials, information on preparing for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam, career resources and a mentorship program.
Other Notes: This organization is in the process of rebranding to CFA Society Atlanta.


Financial Planning Association of Georgia (FPA of Georgia)

Mission: To champion the value of the financial planning process and advance the financial planning profession.
Membership: Offered for professionals, students and faculty members. Annual membership dues vary by type and location.
Benefits: Ongoing events and quarterly meetings as well as online resources for both professionals and their clients.


Georgia Association of Accountants & Tax Professionals (GAATP)

Mission: To protect the rights of its membership to provide professional accounting, tax and financial services to the public.
Membership: Offered for both professionals, students and retirees. Rates range from $60 to $155.
Benefits: Ongoing events, workshops, seminars and annual meetings, online resources and legislative monitoring.


Society of Financial Service Professionals Atlanta Chapter (FSP Atlanta)

Mission: To provide a path for members to further their success through networking and learning avenues that keep them abreast of the latest changes, developments and opportunities in their profession.
Membership: Offered for both professionals and students. Regular and associate national dues are $380, while student national dues are $48.
Benefits: Ongoing events, meetings and continuing education classes, an annual full-day education symposium as well as mentorship and leadership programs.


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