Baby Boomers vs. Millennials: Which Generation Suits Your Staffing Needs

If your organization is hiring, you may wonder if you should look for older or younger employees. The answer depends on many factors. Both baby boomers and millennials bring unique characteristics to the workplace.

Here are some of the top traits each group has to offer:

Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

Most baby boomers have been in the workforce for 30, 40 or even 50+ years. During this time, they gained knowledge, learned from mistakes and reinvented themselves when needed. If you are seeking employees to lead, mentor and coach based on a wealth of experience, baby boomers are the right hire for you.

When baby boomers began their careers, workers commonly found jobs and continued with the same company until retirement. As a result, boomers were taught to value hard work, loyalty and a track record of success. They can carry this sense of stability and dedication into modern-day businesses.

Interpersonal Skills
Although a baby boomer may not be familiar with the latest Instagram trends, they understand the value of a sincere conversation. They grew up shaking hands, meeting face to face and talking to people over the phone. When you are searching for an employee who excels at real-life customer service, sales and management, baby boomers may be the way to go.


Millennials (1981-1997)

Fresh Perspectives
Millennials bring innovative ideas and new ways of thinking to business of all sizes. They know how to attract younger customers and leverage digital marketing. Growing up during an age of change, they can adapt quickly. If your organization is on the move and subject to the latest trends, millennials are a smart choice.

Today, the average worker switches positions 12 times within their career. (the balance, 2019) Therefore, millennials are eager to build their skill set, take on added responsibility and improve their marketability for their next job change. These individuals are well-suited for companies looking for energetic and enthusiastic short-term employees.

Technical Skills
Referred to as digital natives, millennials have interacted with technology from childhood. They can learn and implement recent advances often without formal training. When you are hunting for flexible employees in a rapidly changing industry, millennials may be your best bet.

Finally, generational differences are important for diversity too. If your organization has mostly baby boomers, millennials or even Gen Xers, you may be missing out on a key point of view. Your goal should be to hire talented workers from a variety of backgrounds including different age groups.


Are You Searching for Top Employees of All Ages?


At BOS Staffing, our professional recruiters work with college graduates looking for their first job as well as older candidates hoping to change positions or re-enter the workforce. We can help your company find an employee with the right skill set and the right attitude. Learn more about partnering with BOS Staffing today!


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