Debunking Myths About Recruiters

Maybe you haven’t considered working with a recruiter because of what you’ve heard. Don’t they charge for their services? Aren’t they only for the unemployed? Can’t you find a better job on your own?

This truth is recruiters can be a fantastic resource throughout your career. Here are seven common myths about recruiters and the real story.


1) Using a Recruiter Will Cost You Money: Generally false

Most recruiters receive payment from companies, not job seekers. Fee-driven recruiters, who charge candidates as well as employers, do exist. However, you should be able to locate free recruiting services without too much trouble.


2) Recruiters Are Career Coaches: False

Although recruiters can provide expert employment advice, in the end, they work for organizations, not individuals. If you are looking for extensive guidance, you’ll want to connect with a career or life coach instead.


3) Recruiters Care About Commissions, Not Candidates: False

Obviously, recruiters receive money for placing candidates. That’s their job. Like any other occupation, some individuals will be more empathetic and caring than others. Nevertheless, professionals who focus on money over good matches won’t be in business for long. Unhappy candidates lead to unhappy companies, and unhappy companies will look for another recruiter.


4) You Only Need a Recruiter If You Can’t Find a Job: False

If your job hunt is taking longer than planned, a recruiter can certainly help, but smart candidates partner with a professional from the beginning. Recruiters can quickly identify best-fit positions, making your search more efficient and less frustrating.


5) Recruiters Primarily Place Temporary and Low-Paying Positions: False

Recruiters find people jobs ranging from minimum wage positions to upper-level executive placements. Some jobs may be temporary or contract; others are full time, part time, temp-to-hire or permanent. Different professionals specialize in different areas, so be sure your recruiter understands your goals.


6) A Recruiter’s Fee Will Come Out of Your Salary: False

This is a common misunderstanding because many organizations pay recruiters based on a percentage of a new hire’s starting salary. In fact, companies set up separate accounts to pay placement fees. They do NOT take money from a new employee’s paycheck. Ultimately, this system works to a job seeker’s advantage. Recruiters will work diligently to help you negotiate the best deal, because the more you get paid, the more they get paid.


7) Job Boards Will Eventually Replace Recruiters: Currently false

Online job boards and email alerts make finding employment easier than ever, but a recruiter still provides a definite advantage. Recruiters have large networks. They know about open positions (even those not posted yet), and they can send your resume directly to a hiring manager. This puts you way ahead of the job board competition.



Are You Tired of Looking for a Job on Your Own?

The recruiters at BOS Staffing can make your employment search easier and faster. We match clerical, medical, IT and light industrial workers with opportunities in Athens, GA and the surrounding regions. Browse our available openings and discover your next job today!


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