Five Job Search Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Your job hunt isn’t going as planned and you don’t know why. Although you may feel frustrated, don’t give up. Small missteps may be all that is standing between you and your next opportunity.


Here’s our list of five common job search mistakes and how to avoid them:


  1. Not Knowing What You Want
    You are looking for a job and you aren’t very picky. Any job would do. Certainly, some flexibility is useful. However, a lack of commitment is going to hurt you when you compete against more focused and passionate candidates. Before you begin looking for work, design your dream job. Make a top ten list of what is important to you. Include everything from pay rate to occupation to corporate values. Then, use these criteria to narrow your search.Sending Out a Standard Resume
    Once you have identified some promising job postings, you might decide to save time by sending out the same resume to everyone. Don’t do this! Today, most companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to prescreen resumes. What is the ATS looking for? Keywords pulled directly from the job description. If your resume isn’t a good match, a human being will probably never see it. A better strategy is to start with a basic resume. Then, read each job description thoroughly and highlight skills, requirements, keywords and key phrases. Create a unique document for every position including as much of this information as possible, without of course, going overboard.
  2. Underestimating First Impressions
    On average, a recruiter looks at a resume for six seconds, and an interviewer gets a first impression within seven seconds. No pressure, right? Instead of hyperventilating, use this knowledge to your advantage. Details matter. Make your resume neat and easy to read. Double-check (and ask a friend to recheck) your application materials for typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. When you go to an interview, arrive on time, dress appropriately, smile and confidently introduce yourself.
  3. Forgetting to Do Your Homework
    Companies are looking for enthusiastic employees. They want you to know all about them. Before you apply, find out as much as you can about an organization. Visit their website, look for press releases and follow their social media channels. Doing your research not only allows you to apply for the best fit jobs, but also makes you a well-informed and therefore more appealing applicant.
  4. Ignoring Your Network
    If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may think you can job hunt on your own. The truth is, you are better off asking for help. Some companies don’t advertise jobs; they depend on referrals or work directly with employment agencies. Tell your friends, family and acquaintances you are looking for work. You never know who might know someone who is searching for a great new employee.


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