5 Time-Saving Tips When Recruiting For Staff

Photo on Foter.comRecruiting personnel can be a very cumbersome and time-consuming process. Especially when you have a high turnover, it can take quite some time out of your day to day business. Valuable time that you should actually spend on what you do best, running your business. Therefore, it is key to make your recruitment process as efficient as possible so you can focus on more important things.

Here are our five time-saving tips for when recruiting staff:

  1. Standardize the process

By standardizing as much as possible the entire recruitment process, you will save a lot of time. This will also make it a fixed routine instead of something you will have to spend time thinking about what to do next and how. Therefore, set-up a standard recruitment process for your company and prepare all the different process steps as much as possible. For example, standardize your interview format and have interview guides in line with that format prepared that you can share with the interviewers. Let the interviewer go into the interview with exactly written down what to ask, how to ask it, what kind of response you are looking for and how to document their feedback. This will also make it easier to evaluate a candidate and compare different candidates.,

  1. Set up an employee referral program

Good people know good people. Therefore, instead of spending lots of time sourcing good candidates, let your employees do part of that job for you. By setting up an employee referral program, your employees can earn something by recommending great candidates from their network thereby saving you part of the hassle of searching for many candidates.

  1. Leverage a talent network

Creating a talent network for your business will give you instant access to great profiles when a vacancy comes up. This is a great way for potential candidates to interact with your business when you currently don´t have a position open for them. By keeping a database of these interested profiles or keeping them engaged via social media, you will have immediate access to good candidates when you do have a vacancy available.

  1. Get some help

Also, an important time-saving tip is to remember you don´t have to do everything yourself. By getting some help in your recruitment process from a staffing agency, for example, you will not only have more time to focus on your main business but also get help from experienced recruiters that have access to a vast network of talent, are aware of the latest industry network and can conduct part of the recruitment process for you. This will leave you with making the decision between the best candidates that have already been thoroughly screened and interviewed before they even arrive at your desk.

  1. Stay organized

And last but not least, stay organized at all times. Keep your recruitment material and resumes into one place, keep the process organized and standard and your communication channels clear. You don´t want to lose a great candidate because they didn´t hear back from you! If you´re working with a bigger recruitment team you can think about using a (free) project management tool, such as Trello for example, to keep track of all candidates and the status of the recruitment process they are in. That way you can keep all relevant info of your vacancies and candidates in one place, assign tasks between the team and put deadlines for any actions that need to be taken. Staying organized is key when you want your recruitment process to run as efficient and smooth as possible!

These are our 5 tips for saving time when recruiting for staff, what are your best tips for running your recruitment process as efficient as possible? We would love to read your comments!






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