What Not To Wear To Your Job Interview

When you finally get that interview planned, it´s time to get prepared. And getting ready for your interview is not just about preparing answers to possible questions, researching the company and practising your elevator speech. You should also think about what you are going to wear. And, although you may think this is straightforward, you would be surprised how many candidates get this completely wrong. So, here is our ultimate list of what not to wear to your job interview:


Bad fitting clothes

Your clothes should fit well. Bad fitting clothes are really distracting and may indicate that you don´t pay attention to details or simply don´t care about them. Hence, before you borrow someone else´s suit, make sure these clothes are the right size for you and check before the actual interview day that it indeed fits well and looks good.

Too casual outfits

You don´t want to go too casual to your interview. Of course, there are always exceptions and especially some tech companies actually expect you to come dressed casually and in line with company culture. But, for the rest of employers, you should make sure you are not dressed too casually. Therefore, no hoodies, flipflops or shorts for the interview, please.

Inappropriate clothing

This may seem straightforward but anything inappropriate is just off limits for your interview. Skirts or dresses that are too short or blouses that are too low-cut, showing your cleavage or your belly is definitely way too inappropriate for a job interview. Also, any clothes that show too much skin or your tattoos and piercings should be left in the closet today. Finally, don´t have any underwear visible. If you want to be taken seriously, make sure you dress appropriately.

Dirty or broken clothes

You want to look well taken care of so anything dirty or broken should not be worn to a job interview. If you´re clumsy or travel by public transport to the interview, you might want to avoid light colors because even though your outfit was clean when you left the house, it might be dirty when you arrive at the interview. Also, make sure your clothes are not wrinkled, get that iron working before your big day. Lastly, although the trendy ripped jeans are technically not broken, you might want to reconsider these for a job interview.

Yoga pants or gym clothes

Unless you are interviewing for a job as a yoga teacher or personal trainer, you will want to leave the sporty outfits at home. This kind of falls under the casual dressing category we mentioned above but you would be surprised that people still turn up for an office job interview in their gym clothes. Big no-no!

Strong colors or crazy patterns

No matter how fun you think your outfit is, it´s better to avoid very strong colors or crazy patterns. Even if it´s just a blouse or a shirt under your suit blazer, many interviewers have indicated that strong colors or crazy patterns are just too distracting during an interview. Therefore, try to keep it somewhat neutral. Also, leave the crazy tie at home, your job interview is not the occasion to get it out of the closet for the same reason, too distracting.


Although technically not clothes, you still need to avoid earphones with your outfit when you get to the interview. Wearing earphones or having them hanging around your neck can really give the wrong message to your interviewer. You want to be focused and show that you are not distracted by anything related to your phone.


If you avoid these clothes, you won´t have to worry about your outfit and can fully focus on doing well. Good luck!



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