Questions To Ask A Staffing Agency When Recruiting

When you need some help with the recruiting process or with finding very specific profiles, a staffing agency can be a great way to get access to the best talent. However, when you are looking for a staffing agency to work with, what kind of questions should you ask them to see if you want to work with them?

Here are 7 questions to get you started:

How do you access talent?

Check with your staffing agency what access to talent they have. Do they have access to the best talent in their specialist industry? Simply looking for profiles on LinkedIn is not going to cut it here, you will want to ask about their own talent database and how they ensure they have the best possible profiles in there.

What methodology do you work with?

This is a very important point, so you will want to focus on this when selecting a staffing agency. What methodology are they using to contact candidates? In today´s digital era, the best way to connect with people has shifted a lot. Whereas before it was normal to cold-call candidates, nowadays technology is embraced to get the best insights and therefore the best access to talent in the market. Therefore, you will want to check how they use technology to find and reach candidates, how the recruitment team works and what analytics of the market they can provide you with.

Do you have specialist knowledge about the field I want to recruit for?

How knowledgeable are the headhunters and recruiters about the specialism you are looking to recruit for? If you are looking for very specific profiles with specialist skills, the staffing agency needs to have sufficient expertise with such profiles in order to be able to do a good job. Therefore, don´t be afraid to check their know-how for the area that you are looking for.

How do you ensure you recruit for cultural fit as well?

No matter how good of a resume a candidate might have, they will also need to fit in the company´s culture and be comfortable with the ways of working in your business. You will need to understand how the staffing agency ensures to hire for cultural fit as well, what efforts they make to understand your company culture and how they ensure matches with that.

What are the best names in the market?

To check whether the agency has a strong reputation in the marketplace, you will want to check whether they know their stuff. Can they name the best profiles for a specific field? What other companies have they worked with? Which successful hires can they share? If they are really specialists and have a good reputation, they will be able to name the best names in the market and have worked for reputable clients.

How do you communicate with your clients? And with candidates?

What is their communication approach like? And, also pay attention to their communication style. Do they communicate regularly and honestly about the process? Do you notice that they have the right expertise and authority of the market when they are talking to you?

How long does the process usually take?

Although they won´t be able to give you an exact number of days or weeks it will take them to find you the perfect candidate, it is good to have an estimation of the process. E.g. how much time their sourcing process usually takes, how long the interview process is etc. Also, how will they keep you up to date during this process?


What other questions do you ask a staffing agency when you are looking for some help with recruiting? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

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