6 Tips For Attracting The Best Candidates

If you want to attract the best talent, you are not the only one. All of your competitors are looking for those candidates as well and are doing everything they can to convince job applicants to come and work for them. So, if you want to have a chance to attract the best candidates, you will really have to sell your company and the role you are recruiting for because simply putting it out there won´t do the job for you. You will have to really differentiate yourself from your competitors so that the candidate would rather work for you. Here are our six tips for attracting the best candidates:

  1. Attractive Employee Value Proposition

First of all, if you want to attract the best talent, you will need to be able to offer an attractive EVP. It is very simple, if your EVP is not attractive enough, the best candidates will pass on you and go to your competitors. Think about what sets your company apart from its competitors and why you are an attractive employer for candidates. How is your corporate culture and what kind of benefits do you offer?

  1. Advertise development/promotion opportunities

The best candidates usually want to keep developing themselves and have the possibility to get promoted within the organization if they deliver. Therefore, if your company has attractive development opportunities and is keen to promote their top talent, be clear about that on your recruitment website and in job descriptions. This is an aspect that is very attractive to many candidates, but they need to know about it.

  1. Make use of your brand ambassadors

Your employees are your brand ambassadors and they are the ones that will be selling you as an employer. Your employers are basically the quickest way to get a good or a bad reputation and therefore it is important you make them enjoy working for you so that they will recommend you to others. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to get a good reputation. Engage with your current employees, make sure they are happy working for you and encourage them to spread the word.

  1. Create an employee referral program

One way to encourage them to spread the word is by setting up an employee referral program. Good people know good people so if you can reward your employees for referring great candidates that get hired, that´s a great way to get access to talent that will also have a bigger chance of fitting in well in your corporate culture.

  1. Set-up talent pools

Another great way of attracting the best talent is by setting up talent pools. Usually, we only look for candidates when we have vacancies, but what if you were always on the look-out for great candidates? By always scouting for talent and placing them in talent pools for different areas when you don´t have current vacancies, you will establish a great talent pipeline that you can use for future openings.

  1. Use headhunters and recruiters

If you want to attract the best candidates, it might make sense to work with a headhunter or recruiter to help you with the sourcing process. Staffing agencies have a vast network of potential candidates and therefore have more ready access to the candidates you might be looking for. Hence, don´t doubt to get some help in your recruitment process to ensure you can attract the best candidates.


How do you attract the best candidates to come and work for you? We would love to read your thoughts in the comments section.

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