8 Careers With The Best Job Security

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If you´re in the process of deciding your studies, you might be wondering what careers will give you the best job security. Or, if you´re in the job market, you might be wondering in what careers you will have the least chance of getting hired. And, although you might not want to decide your studies solely based on job security, it definitely can´t hurt to analyze a bit what careers provide the best job security and which jobs are less likely to get hired in. Of course, you should always follow your passion and pursue a career that you like, however, it´s always good to know which careers have the highest job security when you´re thinking about switching careers or making other important decisions.


Data analysts

Data analytics is a field that is truly in high demand at the moment. There´s huge talent scarcity and analytical profiles that are good with data, are almost ensured of a job. Therefore, data management and having an analytical background will bring you far when looking for a new job!



Also, strong statistical profiles are in high demand and can count on high job security when looking for a job. In addition, this field is only supposed to grow in the next year ten years with increasing demand for statisticians. Therefore, keeping your Statistics courses in college might be a pretty good idea!


Appraisers & Assessors of Real Estate

This is a very specific job but appraisers and assessors of real estate have high job security as well. This area is also expected to increase in demand and you don´t need a master´s degree for this profession. Actually, in the US it is supposed to be one of the jobs with the highest job security!


Dental hygienists

Obviously, not everyone can decide to make a career switch to becoming a dentist, but both dentists and dental hygienists are occupations with high job security. So if you´re still deciding what to study and have an interest in this field, it is definitely a good bet when it comes to chances of finding a job after graduating.


Physicians and surgeons

Similar story for physicians and surgeons, you will probably have to make the decision to go for these professions pretty early on due to the long studies but there´s quite a high demand for physicians and surgeons.


Emergency medical technicians and paramedics

Another one in the medical field, paramedics and medical technicians have a very high chance of finding a job straight away.


Tax examiners and collectors

One for the finance fans amongst us, tax examiners and collectors have high job security as well. Be aware though, the projected job growth for these professions is not as big as for some of the other jobs mentioned her. However, if you have the right background now, you will probably be able to find a job quickly.


Special education teachers

Special-ed personnel also has high job security these days. For this profession, you typically don´t need a college degree to get started and dependent on your background and work experience you might be a really good fit for this job. If you´re interested in this field, you could also do some courses to make your profile more attractive.


Again, we can´t highlight enough that if you´re in the phase of your life to choose your studies, don´t forget to follow your dreams and to pursue your passion. Don´t just choose a study because some blog post tells you to. The most important thing is to find a job in something you´re passionate about and that you like doing, but when that might not be possible due to various circumstances, this list of jobs with high job security might serve as a reference for deciding your next steps.




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