9 Signs Your Boss Isn’t Nice

Do you like working for your boss? Do you consider you have a nice boss? Having a good and supportive manager is invaluable for being happy in a job. Here are 9 signs your boss isn´t that nice:

  • Has no interest in your personal life

If your boss doesn´t show any interest whatsoever in your private life, that´s not a good sign. A good boss is interested in the members of his/her team and will show an interest in personal or family matters. They remember your kids´ names or the worries that you have because your dad is in the hospital.

  • Micromanages you

A nice boss will trust you to do a good job and considers you accountable for your work. Micromanaging and controlling every email you sent or every little detail of your job are usually characteristics of not so nice bosses.

  • Takes credit for your work

Taking credit for your work or ideas simply isn´t cool. Although many projects might be team efforts, a nice boss will recognize your work and give you credit for it, also in public.

  • Is not transparent

If your boss doesn´t give you any context or background to certain projects or about the company´s goals and objectives, it´s a sign he or she is not nice. They are only interested in you getting the job done but refuse to be transparent about the bigger “why” of that job and the challenges it comes with.

  • Gives no feedback

Another great example of just being interested in getting the job done, without caring about giving you feedback. A nice boss will give you feedback, whether it´s positive or constructive, they are interested in getting the best out of you and helping you improve your work.

  • Has no interest in your development

A nice boss will want you to constantly improve and to keep learning. They will think along with you about possible training opportunities and ways to keep developing yourself into a better professional. If your boss has no interest whatsoever in your development, that´s usually a bad sign.

  • Doesn´t involve you in decision making

If your boss doesn´t ever involve you in key decision making or asks for your opinion on strategic issues, that´s another sign that your boss isn´t very nice. A nice boss wants the team to grow, involve them in decision making and hear their input on matters in order to be able to make the best decision.

  • Expects you to stay in the office until he or she is going home

This one is annoying, right? A nice boss will be fine with you going home when you have done your hours or, even better, when your work is done. A not so nice boss expects you to sit behind your desk, even if you´re already done for today, until he or she goes home. Because if the boss isn´t done, nobody is done.

  • Doesn´t involve you in jokes / office banter

Although there will always be work to be done and serious matters, a nice boss will not take everything too serious and also joke around once in a while. Maybe a very serious boss doesn´t seem very pleasant, but what about the boss that doesn´t involve you in jokes or in office banter and just purposefully leaves you out of it? That´s even worse right!


If you realize your boss isn´t nice, maybe it´s time to look for another opportunity where you will be appreciated for all the value you can add.


What other signs did you notice that your boss wasn´t nice? We would love to read about it in the comments section!

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