How Linkedin Can Get You That Dream Job

If you are looking for a new job, you are probably already on LinkedIn. However, do you realize how much this platform can actually help you find that dream job? Here are 7 ways LinkedIn can support your job search:

  1. Find vacancies

This one might seem obvious but there are so many vacancies published on LinkedIn. Therefore, when you´re looking for a job, you can use this tool to find the right vacancies and find your dream job. Since there are so many jobs published, it is advisable to use the advanced search function to really cut through the chase.

  1. Networking

LinkedIn is the tool to network online and to connect with people from your professional life. You will want to make your network as big as possible in order to get the most use out of this network, therefore make sure you keep your connections up to date. Think about colleagues, ex-colleagues, peers from university, suppliers, people you meet during industry events and the list can go on and on. The bigger your network, the more useful LinkedIn will prove to be for any future job searches.

  1. Let people know you´re available

On LinkedIn, you can let people know you´re available. And if you´re in a position where you can announce that you are looking for a job, because not everyone can publicly announce that, you should definitely do so. Use your headline or even put a separate post saying you´re looking for a job and ask your network for help. This is a great way to get the word out and for recruiters or headhunters stumbling upon your profile.

  1. Research companies you want to work for

You can follow companies that you are interested in possibly working for on the platform as well. By doing so, you will get updates on the company, can follow their blog posts and check which people are working there etc. This is a great way to prepare for an interview or to send a very targeted application.

  1. Research the people who are going to interview you

When you have an interview planned for your dream job, LinkedIn is the perfect tool to research the person that is going to interview you. It is always easier to establish a connection early in the interview if you show that you did your homework and know something about the interviewer and his or her job. Also, this will make it much easier to prepare and ask questions at the end of the interview.

  1. Ask for an introduction

You can ask people from your network to introduce you to someone at the company you want to apply for. Asking for introductions is a great way to expand your network and to get in touch with current employees at the company through your existing network.

  1. Use alumni groups of your university

Most universities have alumni groups on LinkedIn which is not only a great way to keep in touch with your fellow students but is also perfect for finding a new job. A lot of people will post about vacancies at their companies on her and since you already have this connection it will be easier to reach out and get in touch.


For professional purposes, LinkedIn is the network you should have a presence on, especially if you are on the hunt for a new job. So, if you don´t have an account yet, make sure to create one as soon as possible or if you already have an account, ensure it´s up to date.


How do you use LinkedIn to find your dream job? We would love to read about it in the comments section!



Photo credit: nan palmero on / CC BY

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