6 Things Employees Want To Know About A Business Before Applying

When candidates consider applying to one of your vacancies, there is far more they consider than just that particular vacancy and the tasks and responsibilities that come with it. Therefore, when making the decision to apply or not, candidates look for specific bits of information that they want to know about your company. As an employer, you can make their decision-making process easier by providing the right kind of information on your website or social media channels because you might actually miss out on some great candidates if you don´t provide this information. Here are 6 things that employees want to know about your business before they decide to apply or not:


  1. Company culture

Company culture is probably one of the most important things employees want to know about before they decide to apply. The ways of working and team dynamics have a significant impact on the employee experience and it might actually be the most important factor that decides if your employees are happy or not. Some candidates are looking for a start-up vibe, others thrive in a more established working culture. Some candidates want and need a lot of guidance whereas others prefer to work independently. Therefore, it is important that you provide honest information on how it is to work at your company so that candidates can take this into account before applying.

  1. Team

Ways of working and team dynamics are one thing, but the people actually making up that team are another. Very few factors can influence employee happiness as much as the people they work with. Think about it, you spend the largest part of your day with them! Hence, try to provide some information about your employees and their interests so that candidates can get an idea of what type of people work for you. Another great tool is social media and your employees´ social media accounts can reveal quite a bit about the team.

  1. Leadership style

This one is partly linked with company culture but the management style in your organization is something that most candidates are interested in as well. As mentioned above, different leadership styles appeal to different people so it is important that the leadership style at your company suits their preferences as a professional.

  1. Organization´s goals and values

Candidates want to know what your goals and values are because they want to know if they can relate to them. Very few candidates will want to work for companies that have values that are not in line with their personal values and believes, and therefore this is usually an important point for them to check before applying. Therefore, make sure to have a section on your website dedicated to this so candidates can get a good idea of your goals and values.

  1. Development opportunities

Another point that candidates want to know about before they apply is your development culture. Do you actively promote and provide professional and personal development? What career tracks do you manage?

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility in terms of working hours and location becomes more and more important for many candidates and this is, therefore, another point candidates are interested in before applying. Does your company work focused on output and therefore leaves employees with some degree of freedom in terms of planning their working hours and/or location? Great, you should definitely mention this on your website or in the job description because this is an important point for many candidates. Does your company require on-site presence from 9 to 5? This is also great, but again, mention this to manage expectations and so that candidates that are looking for flexibility don´t apply.


What other factors do you think are important for employees to know about your business? We would love to read about them in the comments section!




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