7 Dumbest Questions You Can Ask As An Applicant

On this blog, we discussed the importance of asking questions during your job interview before. However, it is, of course, important to ask the right kind of questions. Here you can find the questions you should NOT ask during or at the end of your interview, or, the dumbest questions you can ask as an applicant.

  • How long will this interview be?

If you start the interview like this, it´s probably not going to last very long. Never ask this question because it will show that you think there are other, more urgent or more important, topics out there waiting for you. If you´re truly interested in this job, the rest doesn´t matter and can wait, right?

  • What will my salary be?

Never ask about salary at your first interview. And in general, it´s just better to not start about it, wait until the company opens this topic because when you advance in the process at some point they will. If you start the conversation about salary in the early stages of the recruitment process, you might give the impression that you care more about the package than about the actual job. Even dumber would be to ask when you can expect your first pay raise, so just don´t.

  • How many paid holidays will I have?

Asking about the holiday policy will make it look like you can´t wait to get out of work again, out of a job you don´t even have yet. The employer will want engaged and motivated employees who can´t wait to get started, not who can´t wait to book their first holidays. Hence, as with salary, leave this topic for the final stages of the recruitment process or when you have an actual offer on the table, that´s when it will become relevant.

  • What does your company do exactly?

Well, you´re supposed to really want to work for this company, right? Be really passionate about the job and the employer? Exactly, so never ever ask questions that you obviously should have researched before even applying for the job. There is no easier way of showing disinterest or lack of motivation, so please just do your homework and find out the basics before you come to the interview (or actually, before you even hit “apply” to the vacancy).

  • What is your biggest competitor?

The same applies here, don´t ask any questions Google can give you the answer for. It is assumed that you really want this job and therefore that you did your research, so everything that you can easily find out through Google you should have done already or you can leave for when you get back home.

  • How soon can I expect my first promotion?

This one is also good in the category of showing what you want to get out of it instead of why you are motivated for the job. For a promotion, you will have to show what you´re worth, to be able to show what you´re worth you need to get the job first, to get the job you need to nail this interview. So, let´s first focus on that, shall we? Instead of focusing on a promotion for a job you might not even get in the first place.

  • Can I have another part-time job next to working here?

If you´re applying for a fulltime job, you should just not even open this topic. Employers don´t want to hear about your other projects/priorities if it implies it will take you away from the job they are interviewing for. If you´re running a wedding photography business in the weekend or are writing a novel at night, that´s great, just don´t mention it in those first interviews because it will give the wrong impression.


What other dumb interview questions have you ever encountered? We would love to read about them in the comments section!


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