Do you think about this when hiring a staffing agency?

When you have decided to hire a staffing agency, you will have to think about which staffing agency. A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned the importance of building the relationship with your recruitment agency, to check their references and employee satisfaction and to manage expectations right from the beginning. However, today we will take a deeper look at three very important points to take into account additionally because it´s not only about the recruiting company as a whole! Apart from the fact that a good staffing agency has great experience in a specific industry and knows the ins and outs of the current situation in that industry, have you thought about also looking at the experience of the staffers at that staffing agency? Because they are the ones that will be working with you! So apart from evaluating the staffing agency, think about evaluating how experienced their individual recruiters are as well!

Are the recruiters certified?

Are the recruiters of the agency you are considering working with certified? Certified staffers have had to pass a specific training and preparation in order to be admitted to the American Staffing Association. At BOS, every recruiter is a Certified Staffing Professional by the American Staffing Association, assuring you that our staff have had the right training on, for example, employment laws and practices to protect both you as a client and the employees you will be hiring.

What kind of courses have they followed?

Apart from being certified with the American Staffing Association, what about schooling and courses? Getting certified is one thing, a very important one of course, but it´s quite focused on employment laws and practices, whereas there are a lot of other important topics recruiters need to have good knowledge of. At BOS, our recruiters have taken courses on recruiting, resume management, background checks, drug screens, skill assessments, and initial interviewing steps for customers seeking a streamlined hiring department.

Can they provide additional consulting on relevant recruiting topics as well=

What about consulting on other relevant recruiting topics? There are certain strategic HR topics like diversity or employee retention that a specialist recruitment agency can advise you on. At BOS, we provide consulting services on topics like Drug Free Workplace Certifications, diversity, managing different generations in the workplace, employee retention and other strategic topics.

Have you thought about these topics when you are hiring a staffing agency? What other things do you take into consideration when hiring recruitment help?

If you want more info about working with BOS Staffing, please get in touch so we can set-up a chat. Through our certified, qualified and dedicated staff and elaborate recruiting process, we can find the employees you need when you need them. We recruit and develop relationships with candidates that are not actively seeking a change and so we have access to highly qualified candidates that might not be available to other firms. Furthermore, unlike many other recruiting firms, we do not limit our services to only executive positions. We can help you out as well to fill entry-level positions or industry positions, we will select the candidates who have the specific skills and experience that you need for your vacancy.

Regardless of what you need, BOS Staffing is committed to staffing your company with the employees best suited for the job. You’ll come to realize what our customers already know – the best resource for new hires is BOS! If you want to know more, please get in touch via our website, call (1-800-353-3032) or pass by our offices in Athens or Gainesville to have a chat over a cup of coffee. We look forward to speaking with you!


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