Take The Frustration Out Of Job Searches

Looking for jobs can be challenging. It can be frustrating and seriously annoying. Not only does it take a lot of work and time to update your resume, research jobs, companies and write a great cover letter to apply to these jobs, then there is usually a lot of waiting involved to hear back from the companies you have applied to and a cumbersome selection process. If you don´t do your homework well in researching and preparing, you will often not even enter the process, or never hear back from your application at all, which can make the whole situation even more frustrating for your as a job searcher.

Having to deal with rejection can be frustrating. In today´s challenging economic situation with high employability and fierce competition on the job market, chances are that you will get “no” as an answer more often than you would like. This can make it even more difficult to motivate yourself for yet another round of job searching and applying. It can be tempting to just quickly apply to a lot of different jobs to diversify your chances, however by not doing the proper preparation, the chances for a “no” obviously increase, creating this vicious circle of frustration.

However, it doesn´t have to be this way. Job searching doesn´t have to be frustrating, it can actually be quite fun, that is if you do it well and if you have a successful approach of course. It all starts with organization, getting yourself organized and creating a system that works for you to keep track of your progress with job searching. This can be an Excel sheet where you have an overview of all jobs you are interested in with different columns for the status (e.g. not started, applied, interview, rejected etc.), relevant dates, contact details and important comments to take into account, or a big sheet on the wall where you keep track of everything. Set a goal for how many applications you want to get out each week and mark your progress.

Also, don´t be afraid to get some help to take the frustration out of the job search for you. At BOS Staffing we can help you to find a job that really suits you. Working with a staffing agency that helps hundreds of candidates just like you to find the right job, can be very beneficial and therefore make the job search process much more efficient and much more enjoyable. We can support you through every step of the selection process, from a successful application to great interview skills to the actual offers, and also to get you access to the hidden job market because you might not be aware that some jobs actually never get posted!

Not only the job search can be frustrating, but being in a job that is not the right fit for you also causes a high level of frustration. We have seen it all and know that not every job is right for everybody, so with our help in the job search process, you won´t have to rush into a job that is probably not the right fit just so you have something. We will work with you until we find the right place for you! Whether it´s a temporary job, a temp-to-hire job, or a permanent position you are looking for, we can help you out and we try to make it easy to land the job that you want.

Hence, if you are looking for a new job and don´t want to take on this cumbersome process by yourself, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us and together we will take the frustration out of your job search and find the perfect job for you!

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