Why You Shouldn´t Hire Employees Like This

Hiring the right employees is not easy. In fact, it´s really difficult to find the right candidate with the right experience and the right attitude for your company. However, there are some clear red flags that should give you a hint that this might not be the best employee type to hire.

Here are our reasons why you shouldn´t hire employees like this:

  • Employees you wouldn´t trust to work remotely

There are some employees you consider good employees when they are in the office but you wouldn´t trust them to work from home. Just because you can´t keep an eye on them and you won´t know what they will be up to. But think about it, if you can´t trust them when they are not close, will they be good employees? Isn´t trust the base for a good working relationship? Hence, if you have doubts about whether you would trust this person to work from home, you shouldn´t hire this employee.

  • Employees who exaggerated in their resume

If during the interview you discover, the candidate may have exaggerated a bit to show what good of a fit they are for the vacancy you are trying to fill, this should be a red flag. Of course, a resume is to sell yourself, however, the candidate should not invent or exaggerate their capabilities. If they do this to get the interview, what will they do when they are working for you? Exactly, a clear sign you shouldn´t hire this employee.

  • Employees that will accept any job in any division

If an employee doesn´t really care about what job they will have and in which area, this should provide you with another sign for not hiring. This means they are not particularly motivated to do this specific job and the responsibilities it entails. They just want a job, not your job. Not motivated usually means not the best results so it´s probably a good idea to pass over to a candidate that does want this job in this department.

  • Employees who blame others for everything that went wrong in their career

When employees blame everything and everyone around them for things that went wrong in their career or life, it´s a clear sign they don´t take responsibility for their own actions and therefore should be a clear sign for you to not hire this type of employees.

  • Employees who are sloppy

This one is obvious but employees who don´t have eye for detail and are sloppy are probably not the ones you want in your team. If you notice sloppy mistakes in resumes, applications, emails or during conversations, take them as red flags. You will also experience them in their work deliveries so save yourself the trouble and don´t hire this employee.

  • Employees who are addicted to their mobile

This is an important one as well. Especially millennials tend to be used to be one with their mobile and often can´t put it away for a minute. Or the employee that always pulls out the phone and places it on the table so it´s always visible. The employee that gets distracted with every notification and checks what is going on in their world. The employee that keeps checking their phone the whole day. Especially if this happens during a job interview, this should be a big show stopper. If the phone can´t wait, that is a clear sign about priorities. Multitasking is a myth so that phone might very well intervene with your employees´ deliveries.

What other employee types would you never hire? We would love to ready your input in the comments.

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