6 Ways You Can Benefit With Temporary Staffing

Temporary workers play a more and more important role in many organizations. The last years have seen a significant rise in the use of temporary workers and not just in the traditional roles for temporary workers but across the entire value chain of an organization.

Do you think your company can benefit from temporary staffing? Check out these 6 ways we are convinced you can actually benefit:

  1. Time and Cost efficient

Hiring temporary workers is time efficient, an agency will be doing the selection and hiring process for you so your only task is to let them know what kind of profile you need and when. But apart from time, this will also save you money. That same staffing agency will have to worry about the recruitment and screening costs, paperwork, payroll, taxes, benefits, insurances etc. All these costs would have been for your account if it would be an employee you hire.

  1. Flexibility

In today´s market, there is an increasing demand for flexible working arrangements and employers need to make sure they stay up to date with this requirement. Temporary work is just one of the ways that organisations can offer flexibility and also meet their own needs. Since with temporary workers, it´s often about the specific skills they can offer, they might be able to work remotely also promoting a flexible working culture in the rest of your company.

  1. Evaluate a worker without commitment

Hiring temporary staff is a perfect way to not commit long term (yet) and have the opportunity to evaluate a worker thoroughly before deciding whether you can to keep them on for a longer period or even make them part of your permanent staff. Some companies hire temporary workers as an excellent and cost-efficient way to recruit and to be able to test the skills of a new worker before signing them on for a fixed contract. Alternatively, hiring a temporary employee can be a perfect way to close a gap while taking your time to find the perfect employee.

  1. Adjust quickly to fluctuations in business

Temporary staff can help you through business fluctuations or seasonal demands. By hiring temporary staff instead of increasing your permanent employees for those months that business is booming you avoid a permanent increase in employment costs for the rest of the year. It allows your business to adjust easily to changes in workload without having to add full-time salaries or go through lay-offs when workload decreases again.

  1. Specialized tasks

This one is related to the point above and to the fact that with temporary staff you can adapt quickly to different workloads. Through temporary staff, you can also access specific talent profiles that you might not have internally for a given project time line. Hence, temporary workers are perfect to be brought in to do that specialized work your existing staff is not qualified to do (or might not be willing to do!).

  1. Cover for short-term leaves

Temporary workers can be a perfect way to cover for short-term leaves of your permanent employees. For example, when someone goes on maternity leave for 4 months, it is usually easier to either recruit a temporary worker or to see if internal Talent rotation programs can fill the gap instead of looking at permanent workers for obvious reasons.

Temporary workers can be a great addition to your company to permit more flexibility with staffing demands and to allow you to hire specialized skills when you need them. Also, temporary workers tend to increase diversity in the departments and therefore have a positive impact on working culture.

What do you think? How can temporary workers benefit your organization? Leave your comments below!



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