Why You Shouldn’t Bother Doing Your Own Recruitment

recruitmentMany companies seem to think using external recruitment agencies is a declining trend and that it´s better to do recruitment in-house again. Job boards, internal recruitment specialists and social media are seen as important competitors for recruitment agencies, and many companies prefer to take that route. However, although recruiter and candidate experiences might be changing due to digital technologies, recruitment agencies can still provide you with the value that your own in-house recruiting teams, social media or job boards can´t give.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn´t be doing your own recruitment:

  • You don´t have all the knowledge of the market

The best recruitment agencies will be close to everything happening in the industries they are specialized in, they will have their finger on the pulse all the time and therefore will be able to provide your hiring team with valuable insights on what is happening. They know what talent is available, who they are, what their career expectations are, where they are, how to best reach them, what the going salary rates are, which skill-sets are available and what the current hiring difficulties might be in that industry. Talent is scarce so if you want to find the right talent you will need all these insights to be able to deploy the right recruitment strategy. Your competitors are also after that talent and by partnering with a recruitment agency that can be your eyes and ears in the market you will have a leg up on those competitors.

  • You don´t have the reach

The right profiles are not easy to find. The right talent for your position might not be actively looking for new employment or they might be very selective. This means they are probably not responding to job postings online or they simply don´t have the time to search for new jobs. Chances are they are in touch with headhunters or trusted specialist recruiters in the industry. Even with passive candidates, it is likely that a good recruitment agency knows who they are and how to best reach them. These agencies have great networks and can help you connect to the right people with the experience and skills you need, many of these would not be reachable for an in-house recruitment team or hiring manager.

  • You don´t have the time

Recruiting the best talent takes time, lots of time. A time you can dedicate to directly contributing to your business´ results instead of becoming experts in something that is not your main business. There is a huge difference between applicants and candidates and by working with recruitment agencies you will make sure that the first filters are taken care off and that you only have to dedicate time to candidates that have a good chance of getting hired. Why not hire specialized recruiters so the majority of your employees can be specialists in areas that truly contribute to the bottom line?

  • You don´t have the experience

Recruiting the best candidates is the core business of recruitment agencies, it´s what they do and it is what they are good at. They have a tonne of experience that is truly valuable if you want to hire the best talent out there.

  • You don´t have access to key strategic skills

In last week´s post we discussed the trend of companies hiring more project based resources instead of permanent employees. Recruitment agencies are much better able to get you access to short term key strategic skills. This is especially important for projects that require scarce skills that you might not have in-house, recruitment agencies are specialized in recruiting these profiles.

Why do you think you shouldn´t be doing your own recruiting?

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