How To Boost Your Staff’s Career Prospects For Mutual Benefit

We all know the benefits of boosting our staff´s career prospects with providing them with the right development opportunities. That is, we all know the benefits for them. However, what is in it for you, as the employer the boost your employees´ career prospects? Aren´t you just investing in skills that the employee will later take to your competitors?

One important factor to not forget in this equation is the engagement at work, the large majority of employees are significantly more engaged at work if they know they can grow rather than be stagnant. Professional growth opportunities are one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement and the lack thereof is often one of the main reasons for employees to leave a job. That means boosting developmental opportunities impacts your retention rate directly. If your company has high turnover, this is one factor you might want to have a look at.

Also, acitivities often it is thought that financial raises make employees stick around, but in practice the high performing employees don´t just stay for financial rewards, they will stay in a job that challenges them and where they can grow.

Unfortunately, a lot of employees don´t feel that they get enough room for development and growth which is leading to lesser engagement. Hence, as an employer it is time for action: don´t hold your employees and your business back. Both will gain from boosting their career prospects.

Here are 5 factors to consider when doing so:

  1. Help your employees customize their career

There is no one size fits all here, every employee is different and has different growth opportunities. Also, each employee is in a different phase in their life, therefore needing different approaches. By getting better at having employees customizing their career, you give your employees the opportunity to focus more or less on their career dependent on current events in their personal lives. Think about what this could mean, for example, for the huge retention issues many companies are facing with women leaving their job after becoming a mom.

  1. Managers should be key in the development of their employees

Offering a huge list oactivities is not going to cut it here. Most learning actually comes from on-the-job developmental experiences meaning you should have your managers on board for understanding the career goals of their employees and consequently crafting the right development activities for them.

  1. Proactively manage opportunities for high potentials

When you have identified your high potential employees, your talent, make sure to actively manage opportunities for them. Let them know they are your high potentials and that you want to work with them to boost their career prospects so that they become even more engaged. This is the collective you especially want to retain so make sure to put in an extra effort to proactively manage developmental and growth opportunities for them.

  1. Make your employees see new opportunities in your organization

A lot of employees find it easier to join a new company to get new experiences and build on their skills than to take on a different role in their current organization. You can change this behavior by making your employees aware of the opportunities present in your company, by encouraging and facilitating internal transfers, and by not just looking at your own department when thinking about growth opportunities for your team.

  1. Provide flexible learning opportunities

Be flexible when it comes to learning and training opportunities. When an employee already has a large workload, when are they supposed to join this training session to work on a specific skill? Make sure to provide your employees with flexible learning opportunities such as mobile and on-demand solutions thereby making it more accessible and realistic.


How do you make sure you boost your employees´ career prospects?

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