Looking For A Job? Here Is Why You Should Work With A Staffing Agency

staffingDo you feel your career is stalled or just that it is time for a change? Looking for a new job can be a very time-consuming and not the easiest task. Especially if you take on this challenging task alone. Apart from updating your resume, brainstorming about what kind of job you want and for which companies you would like to work, a lot of research is required to see the current situation in the industry, what skills are in demand and where you can add value. And that´s where staffing agencies can come to your rescue and support you in that job search.

Here is why you should consider working with a staffing agency if you are looking for a new job:

Career & Market Insights

Staffing agencies know what is going on in the market. Which skills are in high demand, which profiles are highly sought for, which changes are coming up etc. Staffers and headhunters literally have their finger on the pulse in the job market every day and they know how to advise on finding and keeping work in today´s context.


When you are updating your resume, writing cover letters and preparing for interviews, it can be very valuable to count with professionals that know how this works. They can give you advice you on your application and interview skills or help you figure out what it actually is that you want to do. Having this clear makes it much easier to apply for the right jobs with the appropriate resume.

Interesting jobs with better pay

Normally staffing agencies have certain criteria for working with specific companies. That means that not every crappy job with lousy pay will be accepted by them. By working with staffing agencies you ensure that in general you will look at interesting jobs with good pay and that the less good vacancies have already been filtered out for you.


These agencies tend to have a lot of jobs in their database. Busy employers depend on them to fill their open positions or contractor opportunities. This means that by working with an agency you immediately have access to a large database of jobs instead of having to look for these vacancies all by yourself online. 


Also, they have direct connections with the employers. So if you make a good impression at the agency, they can introduce you to potential employers and put in a good word for you. Companies tend to trust on these recommendations, especially if they have been working with the agency for a longer time, because the agency knows what kind of profiles and skills they are looking for. Therefore, if you come via an agency it is usually much easier to enter the selection process then if you just apply via a job posting you found online. You already have your first entrance, which is often one of the most difficult steps in the process. Of course, you will still have to proof yourself during the interview process but at least you have entered it!

Real support during your search

If an agency decides to work with you, they will really want you to be successful in your job search meaning you will have true support throughout the process. A good staffing agency will have both the employers´ and your best interests at heart and will truly make an effort to find you the right job.

In summary, there are mainly benefits of working with a staffing agency, so why not give it a try and give your job search an extra impulse? It is often wise to work with several agencies to increase your chances of finding the right job and because most agencies have their own expertise so they will all be able to help you in a different way.

Have you ever worked with a staffing agency during your job search? If so, how was your experience?




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