The Secret To Finding The Ideal Employee

When it comes to sourcing the right employees, it is hard for most employers to see through the hundreds of average candidates and find that ideal employee for the job. As if it´s not challenging enough already to find that perfect candidate, many companies are using a “one-size-fits-all” recruitment approach for all their vacancies making it even more complicated to find that one perfect candidate.

Think about it. What is the one thing we advise people in search of a new job? Prepare well and make sure to customize your approach, curriculum and cover letter to the specific position and company. Do your research, study the data available. Or in other words, don´t send the same application to all companies that have vacancies that you are interested in. Every recruiter will see through that so adjust your approach where necessary to make it perfect for that specific job.

Well, if that is what we all recommend to candidates, why don´t many of us use the same approach for finding the ideal candidate? If we are truly looking for that one unique candidate, one size does not fit all.

Hence, instead of optimizing our standard recruitment process, maybe we should look more into how we can optimize the individual process for each individual position. Because let´s face it, as an employer that is hiring, do you really make your best effort to find the ideal candidate? Are you doing your research on the candidates?

In today´s digital environment, the secret to finding the ideal candidate lays in big data. This may sound like a buzz word, but only few employers know how to truly use it to their advantage to find that ideal candidate.

The best recruiting teams are using technologies that will help them find the right candidates and they know how to use the data that is available to ensure they hire the best possible fit for the position. The significant amount of information that is available for talent analytics can seem overwhelming, so optimizing your data crunching functionality will be crucial to your success rate of finding the ideal candidate. As an employer, you need to go beyond the obvious the big picture data analysis and take advantage of all the data analysis options available like behavior analytics, predictive talent analytics, web scraping etcetera to start building your perfect candidate pipeline.  It´s these advanced features that will give you the power to truly understand and predict where your ideal candidates can be found, how talent will grow within your company and who might leave the company when. Believe it or not, but there are even analytics available to see which potential employees will work the hardest and which will fit will into your organizational culture.

However, in addition to all that data, the best recruiting teams never forget that personal interaction and communication provide very important insights as well, that might be just as important as the publicly available digital data. How does a candidate respond to an email? How do they act when turning up for an interview? And of course, don´t forget to include their references in your matching algorithm.

With all the data available to you, it´s up to you to start making better use of it and start crunching all that data because it will eventually lead you to the ideal candidates for your positions. Big data might be a buzzword, but if you´re using it right it will be your secret to finding your perfect employees.

And as a bonus, apart from analyzing your candidates, you can also do some analytics comparing yourself with your competitors to determine ideal salary, benefits, and expectations in different areas, industries, businesses and locations. With this kind of information, you can make a truly valuable offer to the ideal candidate that you found through all that data analysis.

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